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Announcing the Colors of Flag Challenge

It’s barely been a week since we concluded our #EasterSpringDress2017 sew along and I’m still in awe of a number of participants we had take part.

If you haven’t seen it you should check out the video round-up of everyone’s makes http://akramsideas.com/easter-spring-dress-2017-roundup/

Colors of Flag Challenge

To keep up with the momentum from the last sew-along, I’d like to share with you the next one to get on your calendar! 

Renta from Running In Style contacted me, along with  Judith of Judith Dee’s World and Bianca of Vintage on Tap, to team up and host the #4thofJulyProudDressProject.

As the hashtag implies the idea behind this sew-along is to make a 4th of July inspired dress or outfit. 

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays! It’s a great time of year to get out and experience so many different events. From car shows to art festivals to amazing displays of fireworks. 

The attire for 4th of July can also vary from a pinup style dress to a casual t-shirt or jeans. It all depends on your holiday weekend plans.

The key here is to show off your American spirit in color and theme. This doesn’t mean you have to use a novelty American flag print, however, you’ll probably want to make use of red, white and blue color palette.

Join the #4thofJulyProudDressProject and/or #FlagsOfTheWorldDressProject
Join the #4thofJulyProudDressProject and/or #FlagsOfTheWorldDressProject


As we were planning this sew-along we decided that we didn’t want to make this a US only event. As you know sewing is way more fun when more people are involved. 

So, with that said Renta came up with a second hashtag #FlagsOfTheWorldDressProject. Not in the US, join the sew-along and show your love for your country or nationality. 

Find inspiration in your countries flag and make yourself a dress or outfit that shows your patriotism.

Announcing the #4thofJulyProudDressProject and #FlagsOfTheWorldDressProject sew-along challenge, the big reveal will be July 1 thru the 7th.
Here’s a peek at the fabric I’m using for this project

The Details and Deadline

As with the last sew-along, everyone is welcome to participate and share their makes on their blog, Instagram, and Youtube. 

The big reveal will be between July 1 thru the 7th. This gives you 2-month time to complete your project. 

Be sure in your posts to use either the #4thofJulyProudDressProject and/or #FlagsOfTheWorldDressProject hashtag in your post. 

If you plan to share your make on your blog, be sure to let me know in the comments below with your blog URL. Also, remember if you are sharing on Instagram your profile should be public or else we won’t be able to share it in the compilation album. 

Can’t wait to see what next great amazing makes you guys will share! 

Join the #4thofJulyProudDressProject and/or #FlagsOfTheWorldDressProject


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  • I’ll join in on the fun! I have a project in the works that will be perfect, and this sew along will give me the nudge to get around to actually making it. I’ll post about it on my blog when it’s done (before July 7th, of course)! Thanks for offering this!

  • I have never done a sew along. I am so excited. I posted about the event to my blog.
    I have the fabric. It’s been washed and ironed and ready to get cutting.

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