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Akram's Ideas: Vogue's New Book for Better Sewing

Vogue’s New Book For Better Sewing

Once in a while you get a gift that is so worthwhile that the gift giver don’t even realize the value of what they gave you. And to think they thought of me, that is just so sweet.

But I’m getting ahead of myself; so let me back up for a moment.

Last weekend I visited family back in Oklahoma and while we were there my Hubby’s charming Aunt Pat and Uncle Don asked us to drop by their house. They had an early birthday present they wanted to give me.

I wasn’t expecting a gift from them, and truly just was happy that they would think of me. Then to my shock and surprise they bestowed upon me a rare vintage sewing find, an original 1952 copy of the Vouge’s New book for Better Sewing.

The table of contents for the book
The table of contents for the book

It is this very book, which sewing blogger Gretchen Hirsch, used as inspiration for writing her first book, Gerrtie’s New Book For Better Sewing.

This Vogue book is out of print and can be found online for up to a hundred plus dollars. As, luck would have it though; the book was given to my Aunt and Uncle in-law.

The book starts with a sewing dictionary
The book starts with a sewing dictionary

The story, I think is quite cute. Apparently, their church was having a rummage sale and one of the elder ladies brought in a whole box of vintage patterns for the sale.

After the sale my Uncle in-law caught the lady, and was telling her how I love to sew vintage clothes, but since he didn’t know what patterns I would like, they didn’t buy any.

Fabric reference guide
Fabric reference guide

The older lady then said that she had this old sewing book lying around and that maybe I would like that. So, the next time they met the lady gave them the book, only hoping it got to someone who’d use it.

Vogue's Chic Bolero Pattern
Vogue’s Chic Bolero Pattern

Thus, it now is passed on to me. I really can’t say enough how lucky I am to have gotten such a find and how sweet of them to think of me.

Vogue's Black dress is sheer elgance
Vogue’s Black dress is sheer elegance

Once I get these house projects under control, I seriously want to attempt one of the projects in this book.

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