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Akram's Ideas: Valentine Dress Roundup

Valentine Dress Roundup

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and with that comes the question “What to Wear?”.

There a so many options when it comes to a good Valentine’s Day dress, and most of it weighs heavy on the activity planned for the day.

I’ve put together a little list of Valentine Day dresses from my favorite online retailer, ModCloth, in order to give some helpful ideas on what to wear for the lovely occasion. 

Morning Brunch

Valentine’s this year is on a Saturday, which means the day could very well start early. If you and your significant other have a delightful morning brunch planned here are some lovely gowns that would be prefect.

Modcloth’s Everything’s Coming up Roses dress features a unique all-over applique of intricate rosettes on top of a mesh overlay. The look creates a unique texture and spring time feel. 

If you’re looking for something a bit low-key the One Floral, All For One Dress, might just be the dress for you. This dress has a very 1940’s feel to it. The colorful floral pattern on top of the black make it both casual and formal at the same time.

Everything's Coming Up Rosettes Dress by Modcloth
Making Moves Dress by ModCloth
One Floral, All For One Dress by Modcloth
One Floral, All For One Dress by ModCloth

Day Outing

Perhaps your, Valentine’s Day will consist of a day outing. Wether that be a walk in the park, a romantic picnic for two or just sight-seeing, your bound to find something at Modcloth. 

My personal day outing dresses choices include the  Day After Day dress and the Under Lock and Tweet dress.

By British designer Emily and Fin, the Day After Day dress features a bateau neckline, piping along the banded waistband and a cheerful cherry cotton-covered in cream dots. It is both a fun and casual dress meant for enjoying the day.

Under Lock and Tweet dress from Trollied Doll, will add a little whimsy to your Valentine’s day as the dress features heart-shaped padlocks, dainty grey birds, and ruby-red blossoms. The dress definitely has a retro charm about it and it’s pencil skirt shape makes it suitable to wear to a more professional/ formal event as well as the casual walks in the park.

Day After Day Dress by Modcloth
Day After Day Dress by Modcloth
Under Lock and Tweet Dress by Modcloth
Under Lock and Tweet Dress by Modcloth

Evening Dinner

Instinctually, Valentine’s day makes people think of a romantic dinner for two, usually one that involves a little red dress.

Modcloth has many options for the little red dress, however my favorite are the Lady Love Song dress and the In the Groove dress.

The Lady Love Song dress, I would have to say is the quintessential little red dress. From its crimson color to its sweetheart neckline, it really is prefect. Better yet this dress is made of a flexible material that caresses to your body and features soft pleats at the bust.

If the Lady Love Song dress is the quintessential little red dress, In the Groove, takes the red dress and makes it a more daring. With the addition of black lace at the straps and ruffled hem the In the Groove dress is really has that wow feature.

Lady Love Song Dress by Modcloth
Lady Love Song Dress by Modcloth
In the Groove Dress by Modcloth
In the Groove Dress by Modcloth

Lounging Valentine

Valentine’s day isn’t all about getting dolled up and going out. Sometimes just lounging around the house with the people you love can be equally rewarding.

The Drawn to Design dress is a great example of a fun every day dress with a Valentine’s feel to it. By People Tree brand this dress is made of a fun floral organic cotton and features a retro style.

The Craft Coocktails dress features a scalloped V-neckline and a chiffon skirt. While it could be worn for a night on the town, for some reason, to me anyways, it just has this comfy lounging feeling. In a soft coral color I think this would make another fun Valentine’s day option.

Drawn to Design Dress by Modcloth
Drawn to Design Dress by Modcloth
Craft Cocktails Dress By Modcloth
Craft Cocktails Dress By Modcloth

Get Your Dress Today

With Valentine’s day practically a week away if you are thinking about any of these dresses now is the time to act.
Better yet, Modcloth is currently holding a 40% off sale on all their Spring & Winter styles. So, what are you waiting for? Why not get yourself a Valentine’s gift of your own.

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Akram's Ideas: Valentine Dress Roundup


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  • Ooohh, these are so lovely (and dangerous for the wallet! :)). I usually shy away from v-necks because they’re not one of the more flatting necklines on me in general, but goodness, is “One Floral” calling my name. I utterly love the colours and classic 40s shape at work there. Total wishlist entry at work there.

    Very fun, fashionable and festive post, sweet gal. I adored it!

    Have a great countdown to Valentine’s!
    ♥ Jessica

    • Thanks Jessica. Dangerous on the wallet, indeed. I’m with you on the “One Floral” dress love it’s classic look. Sometimes if I find a v-neck that is a little too reveling I try to pair it up with a straight collared tank underneth. Don’t know how it look with this dress, but it’s a thought. Glad you enjoyed the post, hope you have a splendid Valentine’s.

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