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Darling Army Aprons are Darling

Darling Army Aprons are Darling

If you’re an avid reader of Akram’s Ideas, you probably already know that I love cute things. In fact one could even say I embrace the Kawaii culture.

Kawaii – meaning cute , adorable or lovable and relates to the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture.

So, what could be more kawaii than these amazing aprons/pinafores I found online?

Darling Army - Zelda
Darling Army – Zelda

Darling Army, who specializes in creating custom anime and gaming cosplay aprons and pinafores, made these darling aprons/pinafores.

Darling Army - Totoro
Darling Army – Totoro

Cosplay can be lots of fun but sometimes the burden of being in full costume all day can be tiresome and even restricting in some cases. That’s what makes Darling Army’s aprons/pinafores so great, they let you be apart of the cosplay fun but in a more casual way.

Darling Army - Sailor Moon
Darling Army – Sailor Moon
Darling Army - Frozen Princess
Darling Army – Frozen Princess
Darling Army - Hogsworth
Darling Army – Hogsworth

Speaking of casual some of Darling Army’s aprons/pinafores are so darn cute and comfy looking I could totally see myself lounging around in one of them.

Darling Army - Kimono
Darling Army – Kimono
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Darling Army Aprons are Darling

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