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Akram's Ideas: Modcloth Boston Dream Pie Dress

Modcloth Boston Dream Pie Dress

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Is it just me or does it seem like mother nature can’t make up her mind. Last weekend I had to actually turn on the AC because the apartment had gone up to 80 degrees. Yes the AC in February!

Then a few days ago it was rainy cold and I had to put on a sweater and crank the heat back on. Oh well that seems to be the weather in Oklahoma, if you don’t like it wait a while it will change.

Boston Dream Pie Dress

Luckily though it was bright and sunny on Valentine’s when I got to debut my all new Modcloth Boston Dream Pie Dress.

Akram's Ideas: Modcloth Boston Dream Pie Dress
I love the bright colors of this dress

Originally I wanted to make my own valentine dress using the leftover fabric from little Layla’s Valentine dress,  I made. Unfortunately I ran out of time, however I then remembered that I hadn’t had a chance to wear my Boston Dream Pie Dress.

I bought this dress along with a few other items including my Baking Spirits Bright Skirt, during an after Christmas sale. If I haven’t said this before Modcloth has the best sales.

Akram's Ideas: Modcloth Boston Dream Pie Dress
OMG this dress is so fun to wear

The Boston Dream Pie Dress was under 30 dollars and I couldn’t  pass up a deal like that. Especially when my hubby was like that’s a cute dress.

Fave Feature

What do I love about my Boston Dream Pie Dress? The style! Right away when I saw it online I loved it’s retro 1950’s pin-up look to the dress.

The Boston Dream Pie Dress features a fun retro inspired print that is made up of strawberry pink and black dots nestled in ivory and taupe squares. I think the strawberry pink color works perfect for a Valentine dress, while the additional colors make it appropriate for any time of the year.

Akram's Ideas: Modcloth Boston Dream Pie Dress
I had some fun with Photoshop

Like other Modcloth dresses I’ve purchased the Boston Dream Pie Dress has a great structure and feels well put together. It’s made out of 97% Cotton and 3% Elastic making it a sturdy soft dress, while providing a little bit of stretch.

The bodice of the dress sets just off the shoulder. Off the shoulder dresses are tricky because it seems that the larger the bust size the larger the shoulder width. This means that often times the dress is just too loose to stay up. However, this wasn’t the case with the Boston Dream Pie Dress. While I it could be a little tighter in the shoulders I didn’t feel like the dress was going to fall off me.

Akram's Ideas: Modcloth Boston Dream Pie Dress
My fave feature the skirt paired with my pettiecoat

My favorite feature of the dress has to be the skirt. The Boston Dream Pie Dress sets at midi length and it has a great flare to it. It’s not a full circle skirt but definitely has a that type of vibe to it.

The skirt looked even better when I paired it with my pink Modcloth Va Va Voluminous Petticoat. The pairing was as if it was meant to be! Once I added the petticoat I felt I walked straight out of the 50’s, I loved it!

Akram's Ideas: Modcloth Boston Dream Pie Dress
I love the twirl and playing with Photoshop 😉

Get Your Own

I am in love with this dress and need an excuse to wear it, especially with the petticoat. As it so happens there are a few pin-up themed events going on in March and April that I might be attending, so hopefully this dress will get some more wear time.

Akram's Ideas: Modcloth Boston Dream Pie Dress
I wore white pearls and my vintage cherry pin with the dress

Since I purchased this particular dress on a clearance sale, I’m sorry to say that Modcloth doesn’t have it in stock any longer. However there are lots of other great dresses in a similar style such as the Salty and Pepper Dress or the Pull Up a Cherry Dress. Both of these dresses have a retro style and fun print.


As always Modcloth has lots of options and a variety of sizes, so surely you’ll be able to find something you love. In fact this week they are having a 30% off sale that ends Saturday, February 27th. There’s no better time to snag your own fun retro inspired frock from Modcloth.

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Akram's Ideas: Modcloth Boston Dream Pie Dress


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