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Akram's Ideas : Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt

Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt

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It feels like forever since I did a proper outfit post. Not to worry though, I actually got several great outfits for Christmas. Some are new items and others are thrifted items.

This past weekend while the east coast has been under a blizzard, we actually had springtime weather here in Oklahoma. The highs were in the 60’s , so it seemed like the best opportunity to take a few outfit photos.

Akram's Ideas : Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt
My latest Modcloth skirt, I’m in love!

Baking Spirits Bright Skirt

Today I’m going to review my all new Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt. I am in love with this skirt!!!

I actually got this skirt as sort of an after Christmas present. Modcloth has some of the best sales, especially their end of season clearance. It just so happens I managed to snag this fun skirt for under $20, which was a great deal.

Akram's Ideas : Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt
Isn’t the print just adorable?

The description of the skirt states that it has a holiday-themed cupcakes print, however I wouldn’t call it holiday. Yes there is some red and green in the skirt and even a candy cane. Still, the bright colors with the addition of pink, browns and white, make the skirt appropriate whenever you are in a cupcake sort of mood.

Akram's Ideas : Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt
Here’s a close up of the cupcake print

I especially felt that the skirt would be prefect for February, since it has all the bright pinks and red in it. Also, cupcakes and Valentines just seem to go together, perhaps more so than Christmas.

Fave Feature

What do I love about this skirt aside from the adorable print? To tell the truth, just about everything. I really like the fit, which features an elastic waistband. You know incase you eat one too many cupcakes. Speaking of fit, Modcloth is great about having such a variety of sizes.

Akram's Ideas : Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt
It is such a comfy skirt.

I like that it is machine washable, because having to go to the dry cleaners is such a pain. The skirt is also made of 100% cotton, so it’s soft and all natural.

Online the skirt seemed like it might be a little short, but in fact it was just the right length on me. I really like skirts that hit just below the knee and this one was right there.

Akram's Ideas : Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt
I had way to much fun wearing this skirt.

Finally it has pockets! I love it when skirts come with pockets. Why don’t more women’s clothing come with pockets?

Get Your Own

I love this skirt so much, I’ve worn it a couple of times. Because of the variety of colors in the print I’ve been able to pair the skirt with a brown, pink and of course green top. I personally like how the skirt pops with the green top.

Akram's Ideas : Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt
I plan to wear this skirt many more times

Since I purchased this particular skirt on a clearance sale, I’m sorry to say that Modcloth doesn’t have it in stock any longer. However there are lots of other great skirts in a similar style such as the Garden Gallery Skirt or the Aspiration Creation Skirt.

Akram's Ideas : Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt
Getting a little carried away

Modclothhas lots of options and a variety of sizes, so surely you’ll be able to find something you love. In the meantime though I’m going to be here enjoying my lovely Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt.

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Akram's Ideas : Modcloth Baking Spirits Bright Skirt


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