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Modcloth Loves Moms

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It’s time once again to celebrate our the loving, caring, and sometimes on the edge of outright crazy, mothers for bringing us into the world.

So, while we may be the greatest gift we could ever give our mother, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a physical gift of some sort. (If my mother is reading this she’s probably fallen over with laughter at the thought that I’m her greatest gift, but she knows it’s true,lol.)

While advertisements would have you believe a sterling silver necklace is the gift to give mom. Today’s mothers, including my own fashionable mother enjoy a mix of retro and trendy gifts.

Modcloth Gifts for Mom

So, if you don’t want to roam around with the seniors at Sears, why not try shopping for something different. And of course as you all know my favorite place to shop is

You’re probably thinking, wait isn’t Modcloth for youthful 20 to 30 year olds who like retro inspired clothes and accessories. Well, yes, but I think putting an age limit on something like that is silly.

Modcloth offers tons of items that cross age groups and gender. It certainly is worth taking a look at their cool stuff and great deals.

Traditional Gifts

Let’s start by taking a look at the traditional Mother’s Day gifts, which of course we are talking about jewelry.

Modcloth has a lot of options with it comes to unique and cute jewelry.

Modcloth Vov to Wow Necklace
Modcloth Vov to Wow Necklace
Modcloth Undisputed Class Watch
Modcloth Undisputed Class Watch

I can totally see my mom wearing the Vow to Wow Necklace, this statement necklace features a garden of glam flowers, from magenta, orchid, sky, and clear gemstones. This is definitely something my mom would love.

If your are looking for something a little more classic in styling the Undisputed Class Watch is a great choice. This elegant and stylish Midi Dial watch comes from Olivia Burton is a perfect everyday accessory!

Tech Gifts

Maybe jewelry isn’t your mom’s thing, don’t worry Modcloth has a lot of other options.

Modcloth The Text Big Thing Phone Case
Modcloth The Text Big Thing Phone Case
Modcloth Ring True Desk Phone
Modcloth Ring True Desk Phone

Perhaps your mom could use a new iphone case, there are plenty of fun ones on Modcloth including the The Text Big Thing case. This case is not only stylish with it’s  gold foil fronds against its red and pink flowers, but durable with it’s shock-absorbent rubber sides, and anti-scratch coating.

Speaking of phones maybe your mom would rather ditch the smartphone for something simple. In that case why not surprise her with Ring True Desk Phone. This phone happens to be a proper reproduction of the 747 telephone,  which was an iconic British model from the 60s

Crafty Gifts

Modcloth Holding Pattern Makeup Bag
Modcloth Holding Pattern Makeup Bag
Modcloth Bake Day Measuring cups
Modcloth Bake Day Measuring cups

If you have a crafting sewing mom I can’t help but feel that the Holding Pattern Makeup Bag, is exactly the kind of thing she would love. This cute makeup bag looks like a vintage pattern, I love it myself.

Have a mom who likes to cook, then maybe the Bake a Day of It Measuring Cup set would be perfect for her collection. These cups are made out of a sturdy ceramic with a glossy glaze and the fun color add even more fun to the culinary experience.

Get Gifting Today

I hope I’ve given you some ideas when it comes to buying for mom this Mother’s Day.

While it may not be the first place you’d think of shopping for mom, Modcloth really does have a lot of great items. Plus, if you’re going to make an order it’s the perfect excuse to buy yourself a little something too.


Remember that Mother’s day is just around the corner so don’t wait till it’s too late, get your orders in today.

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Need a gift for Mom this Mother’s Day? Modcloth offers a wide range of stylish gifts any mom would love.


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  • These are such appealingly beautiful items – the floral phone case and classic red phone in particular jumped out at me. Love to bits!

    We’re leaning towards giving my sweet mom (who is one of those people who says they don’t need anything, but of course we love to spoil her all the same) to a year of Amazon Prime, an Amazon gift certificate to go along with it, and a bookmark.

    Many hugs & happy Mother’s Day weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

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