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Sharing My Supper Summer Fabric Haul

I know that when I shared with you guys my Valentine Fabric Haul I said that I didn’t need any new fabric in like forever……

Well, I may have gone back on that, I mean there was a holiday weekend back in May and then sales and antique stores and I couldn’t resist. 

 Super Summer Fabric Haul

My super summer fabric haul consists of a lot of fabric which I got at a few different antique stores around the 4-state area. I’m super lucky to be in a quick drive away from such great antique stored. 

A good lot of the fabric comes from my favorite place to go fabric sourcing,  Rangeline Antique Mall in Joplin, Missouri.

I also got quite a bit at Peddler’s Junction in Crestline, Kansas. 

Lastly, I got a few pieces from My Papa’s Barn in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. 

So Much Fabric

Yet another fabric haul video! This time I'm sharing my super summer fabric haul.

I know this is really crazy to be hoarding so much fabric like this. But when it’s such a good deal and when you can find such great prints, I mean what are you to do? 

Surely I’m not alone when it comes to buying mass quantities of fabric? Right….

Okay, so with more fabric in my stash I really need to hunker down and get to sewing. As you might have seen in my “On the Sewing Table” video I have a lot of sewing plans, so maybe some of this fabric will be quickly put to use. 

Also, if you have any ideas for some of the fabric I shared in the video, I’d love to hear them. I’m always on the look out for a new pattern and would love your input. 

Yet another fabric haul video! This time I'm sharing my super summer fabric haul.



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  • Fab haul , I not the type to buy fabric for a project either , is way more creative to find a project from your buys , is a great feeling to purchase a bundle of bargain fabric, sounds like you have some fab sources nearby . haven’t any pattern suggestions for you but look forward to seeing you make (literally) your way through this lot – enjoy

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