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My Valentine’s Day Fabric Haul

Last month we celebrated Valentine’s day, a joyful time for couples to share their affection for each other. It is common for most husbands to gift their wife flowers, chocolates, and even jewelry. However, my hubby did nothing of the sorts instead he took me fabric shopping! 

Rangeline Antique Mall

I’m pretty thrifty when it comes to fabric shopping, as I purchase almost all of my fabric second hand. I find great deals (about a $1 a yard) at local antique or thrift stores and the occasional garage sale.

One of my favorite places to find fabric is Rangeline Antique Mall in Joplin, Missouri. Like many antique malls, the store is made up of a variety of booth sellers. One booth in particular always sells a ton of fabric. 

Since moving to Tulsa a year and a half ago we don’t get the opportunity to hit Rangeline as much as we used to. In fact, we hadn’t taken a trip to Rangeline since last summer. 

So, on Valentine’s weekend when my hubby said he wanted to take me fabric shopping at Rangeline, I jumped at the opportunity. 

Fabric Haul

Now I need more fabric like I need a hole in my head, which of course I don’t. I told my hubby this, but he insisted, said get as much as I want. 
Isn’t he a dream??

When your husband tells you he wants to take you fabric shopping.

Despite being told I could get all I want, I think I still was able to restrain myself. I mean it’s not like I bought out the whole booth of fabric. 

I’m happy with my purchases and can’t wait to get sewing. 

Fabric Types

I’m not an expert on different types of fabric, so I just go for prints and colors that catch my eye. 
I’d love to know if any of you guys have recommendations for how to learn about different fabric types. Share books, videos or blog posts where I could learn more. 

Some people get flowers or chocolates for Valentine's day. My hubby, on the other hand, took me fabric shopping, and here's my fabric haul.

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