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Akram's Ideas: Sewtember SetbacksAkram's Ideas: Sewtember Setbacks

Sewtember 2015 – A few Setbacks

Welcome to this week’s update on our Sewtember Sew-Along. Yes, I did say Sewtember, wait isn’t it October?

If you have been following the posts you might be aware that I ran into some problems with my original plans for this project. The plan was to make Vogue V1083 coat pattern using red fleece, but as it turns out I didn’t have enough fabric.

Original Sewtember Plan
Original Sewtember Plan

This problem lead me to Plan B, which I decided to use instead a lovely camel (tan) colored fleece for this project. However, I wasn’t quite sure as to what lining I would use for the project.

I searched through my fabric stash to see if I could find something that would work for the lining of the coat. I actually found some good options, but didn’t have enough of either fabric for the project. 

Possible options, but not enough fabric
Possible options, but not enough fabric

After thinking about it a long time I finally decided that I would line the coat in a lovely leopard fabric. I’m usually not one for animal print but it does fit the 1950’s style of the coat itself. Also, since print would be on the inside it would only be a hint of print, and I thought it be a nice and somewhat unexpected contrasting surprise.

I finally decided on a Leopard Lining
I finally decided on a Leopard Lining

With my decision made I went to my local Joann Fabrics to purchase my lining. According to their website they were supposed to have the fabric I needed and the right amount. However, that wasn’t the case.

As it would turn out the lining wasn’t there, and I had to put it on order. This meant that I wouldn’t get the fabric for another week to two. Here we are at the end of week one and still have not received the fabric.

It seems this project has had one setback after another and while it looks like I won’t get the fabric until sometime next week, I’ve kind of put this whole project on hold. I know that I could have been working on the outer part of the coat, but these setbacks have kind of brought my motivation down. Needless to say I have just sort of put this whole project on hold.

In the end it looks like my Sewtember 2015 Sew Along has officially been extended until the end of October. This means if you haven’t already joined this sew along there’s still time! Also look forward to my upcoming post on the outer construction of the coat, wish me luck.

*** UPDATE – OCTOBER 10 ***

Due to unforeseen work commitments along with fabric set backs I am afraid that I will not be able to complete this project. I hope all those who were following along will have better luck than I. Love to see what you guys end up with.

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Akram's Ideas: Sewtember Setbacks

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