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On the Sewing Table : August 2016

As we come to the end of July and move into August, the last official month of summer I thought I’d share my new YouTube series “On the Sewing Table”.

August 2016 Sewing Plans

Several of my favorite sewing vloggers such as Lisa Comfort of Sew Over It and Rosabella of Sewn will typically share a video each month documenting their recent makes and what they plan to sew for the month.

While I typically do a blog post for each of my completed sewing projects, mostly just for my own reference, I thought a compilation video might be nice.
I also like the idea of sharing my plans with you guys and getting your ideas and feedback before I start a project would also prove to be helpful.

Follow my #OnTheSewingTable hash tag

If you’ve been to my YouTube channelyou know that I have several series (playlists) I created to keep each video organized.

I like to come up with interesting names for each series (playlist) and while I could have called this new one, “sewing plans” or something simple I decided to go with “On the Sewing Table”.

I like this title as it is something different and a hashtag that I use often. This way you can follow my #OnTheSewingTable projects throughout the month on Instagram.

Discover what what is on my sewing table, in this latest Akram’s Ideas Episode (video) I share my August 2016 Sewing Plans.


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  • That orange plaid fabric is so cheerful and pretty! When I was quite young, my paternal grandparent’s house was still rife with 60s and 70s items and decor, and my “blink” thought the moment I saw that fabric is how it strikes me as something I might have found there back nearly thirty years ago now. Thank you for the fun walk down memory lane. 🙂

    Happy sewing!

    ♥ Jessica

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