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A little while ago I got an employee email announcing a staff and faculty art show. Attached to this email was a submission form requesting participants to entry their artwork. The categories for submissions included painting, drawing, sculptures and fibers.

Fibers? Yes, this meant fabric/material pieces; meaning I could actually enter a garment that I sewed into the show.

1950’s Blue Wool Swing Coat

Okay, so I’m entering the art show, but what item do I show? I thought about it a lot and decided to go with something that was lined and semi-complex.

I instantly thought about my winning 1950s Swing Coat that I made for the Fashion Fleece Contest.

Here I am posing with my new favorite coat
My amazing fleece swing coat

I had worked so hard on this coat and it was so well made, that I just couldn’t bare to leave it in the hands of others for a full week of the art show.

However, I did have a blue wool version of the same coat, which I had made as a wearable muslin. It wasn’t as perfectly sewn as the red fleece one, but it was only a few minor issues, which nobody but me would notice.

Akram's Ideas: 1950s Blue Wool Swing Coat
Here’s my blue wool swing coat at the OU Art Show

If fact one error I turned into a feature. I accidentally cut the outer fabric on the front of the blue coat and thought I had ruined it. My darling husband, however, came to the rescue and suggested that I just add patch pockets to the location. This idea worked perfectly.

Thus, since this coat wasn’t as precious to me it was the idea choice to submit to the art show.

The Art Show

The art show ran for a week and the first afternoon there was a reception for the participants. I even got a certificate of participation, which I was happily surprised to get.

To give you a glimpse of all the works that were in the art show I decided to make a quick slide show for you guys.

There were a lot of interesting pieces in the art show and I really enjoyed getting to see the interesting works of art which fellow co-workers had submitted. I think the whole event was fun and was glad to participate in this event.

A quick review of the OU staff and Faculty Art Show, which I participating by entering my blue wool Swing Coat.


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  • How exciting! I really like this blue version of your swing coat, too. Congrats on taking part and for getting a chance to share your sewing work, in such a terrific setting, with other artists.
    ♥ Jessica

    • Thanks Miss Jessica,
      It was fun to participate and have my work on display. While the blue coat may have been a test coat, this past fall/winter I did get a lot of wear out of both coat. So in the end I love them both.

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