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Miss Linda’s Enchanted Garden

If you’ve been watching my Youtube channel recently, you would have noticed that the backdrop to my videos was none other than my mother-in-law, Miss Linda’s Enchanted Garden.

Once a Secret Garden

When I first visited Miss Linda’s garden, back when me and my husband were still dating, I referred to the garden as the secret garden.

The backyard was covered in all sorts of blooms and little trails that were covered by arching trees and flowers. Unfortunately, in 2012 a tornado came through and while everyone and the house was untouched, the backyard was devastated.

The secret garden that according to my husband took Miss Linda 30 some odd years to grow was more or less now a barren wasteland.

Now an Enchanted Garden

Despite having to start pretty much from scratch Miss Lind has done a wonderful job at building what I call the Enchanted Garden.

The new garden has a wide range of flowers from cannas to knock out roses. There are also several water features and setting areas throughout the ½ acre lot.

It really is surprising how lively this garden and to think it’s only been around for the last 4 years or so.

Lovely Backdrop

While the neighborhood noise may not always be ideal, the garden itself makes for a beautiful video backdrop.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Miss Linda for letting me use your garden in my videos and photos and for putting up with me this summer 😉

Photo montage of my mother-in-law Miss Linda’s Enchanted Garden full of wondrous blooms and fun sitting areas.


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  • How wonderful that your MIL rebuilt (or replanted, I guess) her garden so beautifully. You wouldn’t guess that it had been so devastated a few years ago! Such an inspiring story.

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