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Make Nine 2019 Sewing

The #makenine2019 challenge is all about sharing nine items you plan to make for the year. The original challenge focused on sharing nine patterns. Recently several people have taken a different take on the challenge and been sharing nine fabrics that they would like to use this year.

However, I’ve found that I am not always very good at making the items that I say I’m going to make. Also, this year I want to give myself the freedom to just sew what I feel like when I get the mood to sew.

Types of Garments

With that said there are still a few types of items that I would like to make and thought I would instead share these.

Button-down Shirts

I really need more button-down shirts to add to my wardrobe. There are several suits in my wardrobe that need to be paired with a button-down shirt and I really need a basic white one.

So, button-down shirts is number one on my list.

Pencil skirts

I used to have a few ready to wear pencil skirts in my wardrobe but I have since gotten rid of them. Thus, I need a few pencil skirts to wear to the office. A classic black one is top on my list.


Purses have been something I’ve been wanting to make for a while. I make purses every year for the holidays as gifts for my family, but I’ve never really made but like two purses for myself.

Cropped Sweaters

For a while now I’ve got the Seamwork Astoria pattern and I really want to make it. Cropped sweaters are an iconic 50’s style that works great with a pencil skirt or a pair of slacks and even jeans.

High-waisted Pants

Speaking of slacks, I want to make myself some high-waisted pants. I don’t have by like two pairs of pants in my wardrobe and I really would like to have a few more that I could wear to the office.

Overalls and Pinafores

While I need to focus on office attire, I still want to add a few fun items. As I mentioned in the fall I got the Jenny overalls pattern from Closet Case and have been really wanting to make these.

I also got several pinafore patterns during black Friday sales, including the Tilly and the Buttons Cleo and Jennifer Lauren Handmade Pipi pinafore, that is high on my list to make.

Roll-Neck Tops

My Freya top I made this past fall has quickly become a most worn item and I’d like to make more.  I really like the shape of this top and think it would work well paired with the overalls and pinafores I have planned.

Sheath Dress

I’m usually drawn to more big frilly dresses, but they aren’t very practical for office wear. So, I have plans to make a few sheath dresses. One, in particular, I’d really like to make is a navy one to pair with a blazer that I have in my wardrobe.


Speaking of blazers, I also would like to make a few matching blazars for some of the items I’ll be making this year. I’d really like to make some that have a 1960’s style as well as a 40’s silhouette.

So, there you have the nine items that I hope to make this year. I’d love to know what your make nine plans for 2019 are?

Sharing my #makenine2019 plans, by sketching them out on my 1990 Crayola Fashion Designer. Focusing on 9 garments that I want to make and need in my wardrobe, as opposed to 9 specific patterns.

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