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Laughs, Loves & Last Look at 2016

Here it is on the last day of the year. It certainly has been a roller coaster of a year to say the least. Despite the ups and downs I’ve decided to take a quick look back at all the laughs and loves of the year.

Laughs From Akram’s Ideas

My biggest accomplishment this year was starting my Youtube channel. Which was amazing! I really do wish I had started it sooner. I’ve had so much fun coming up with episodes , interacting with subscribers and being apart of an even bigger Youtube community.

While my videos are pretty polished they don’t always go as planned. So, for laughs I thought I would share my hilarious Akram’s Ideas Season 1 Blooper Reel with all of you.

2016 Loves

While 2016 may have not been the most amazing year, I’ve decided to end it with listing a few things I love about 2016.

Akram’s Ideas – Season 1

First, I really love that I finally started my Youtube channel. Every episode (34 full episodes to be in fact) have been a labor of love. What I love the most, as I said above is the community that I have become apart of. I love you guys! You are all truly an inspiration to me.

My New House

Akram's House
Love my new house

The second thing I love is my new house. I’ve only been in it a little less than 6-month now, but I love it. While, I did love our vintage victorian home we had before, I do love knowing we don’t have any major home improvements that need be made. Since this house is a newer one the only changes we’ll make are cosmetic ones. Which means I can just jump in and start living in each room.  

I also love the open floor plan and arrangement of space. Have I mentioned how big the master bathroom is?  Really it’s crazy, big but me and my hubby are already spoiled by it.

Akram's Ideas: Clean Bathroom
The largest bathroom we’ve ever had

While I do love my new house, I feel like I haven’t really unpacked and fully settled in yet. Hopefully in the 6-month or so I will feel more at home and that everything is in it’s place.

Together with My Hubby

Akram and Chris Burris
Here I am with my happy Hubby

The most important thing I love right now is that I’m now back together with my hubby. Earlier this year I took a job out of town. At first we thought I’d just commute but the drive was a pain. So, I ended up staying with my mother-in-law for the week and coming home on the weekends.

This was so rough on both me and my hubby. It was driving us crazy. Luckily however, after 5 month apart I managed to get a job at home. Not only would I be back with my hubby , I now had a job as a digital marketer managing social media, something I wanted for a while.

I’m truly lucky to find the job I have and to only have to endure a short time apart from my darling hubby. Who tells me he just about couldn’t stand me being away any longer.

Last Look at 2016

As I take one last look at 2016 I am grateful for all the amazing things that have taken course. More importantly though I am thoroughly excited for 2017. I have so many new and wonderful things planned I just can’t wait to get started on them.

See You In February

In my last post regarding my 2017 Self-Care Resolution, I mention taking some time off to take care of myself. I also will use this time to formulate some ideas into fruition. I’ve got so much planned for 2017 that I want to make sure I get everything prepped before I jump into it all.

Hello 2017
Hello 2017

With that said I hope you will all look forward to an all new Akram’s Ideas in 2017. New blog layout, new season on Youtube and a bunch of more new stuff.

I’ll see you in February, in the meantime I hope you all have a very happy new year and may all your goals be reached! PS. If you miss too much in the meantime, you can always find me on the socials 😉

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Akram's Ideas - Reflection on all the laughs, loves and last look at 2016 with fun blooper reel.


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