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Akram's Ideas Rich Egg Omelet

How To Make Rich Egg Omelet

I don’t know about you but my favorite mealtime is brunch. Though brunch is usually reserved to the weekends when one has the luxury to cook a larger breakfast.

Akram's Ideas monkey bread
Monkey Bread is one of my favorite brunch items.

Brunch is sort of a mixture of your favorite breakfast foods then paired with a high protein meal like eggs and bacon.

I do love eggs, scrambled, over easy , hard boiled. You name it eggs are great. My favorite though is the omelet.

Tested Eggs

Since I’m always on the looking to improve my cooking skills I decided to try out a new way of making eggs. This recipe for a rich egg omelet came from San Francisco chef Traci Des Jardins.

Traci was featured in a past episode of Jamie & Adam Tested series. Yes that would be Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from the Mythbusters. Their show Tested is an offshoot that focuses on the maker movement. Makers in a non-discriminatory sense. Yes even chef’s can be makers in their own right. Anyways in this particular episode of Tested Traci shows Adam how to make egg omelets.

Butter Love

The key to this recipe is butter! Sounds like a Paula Dean recipe to me.

My husband, also a big Tested fan, suggested I give this rich egg omelet recipe a try. So, last Saturday for brunch we had eggs. I used 4 large eggs for this omelet since we planned to split it between each other.

Rich Egg Omelet
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  1. 2 tablespoons Butter
  2. 4 Large Chicken Eggs
  1. Whisk together 4 eggs in bowl. Make sure that eggs are fully beaten and egg whites are thoroughly mixed into the yolks.
  2. Soften butter in frying pan at medium heat. Before the butter has fully melted, pour in your eggs.
  3. With a spatula stir the eggs and butter together lightly to infuse the two together.
  4. Once egg begins to set, tilt pan to move uncooked egg to the bottom side, this can also be done with a spatula.
  5. As the egg cooks fold over the edges into an omelet (burrito) type shape.
  6. Top with seasoning as desired and serve warm.
Adapted from Traci Des Jardins
Adapted from Traci Des Jardins
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Besides the butter you want to really be slow in cooking your eggs. As Traci says in the video, it’s more of a soft scramble than an omelet. You are just turning the egg ever so, to get it cooked all the way through.

Akram's Ideas Rich Egg Omelet
Cook slowly and work the butter into the egg

I topped my eggs with a little seasoning salt , dried thyme and parsley. Also, I like cheese, so I took a little slice of sharp cheddar and let it melt on the top of the omelet.

The Tasting

Akram's Ideas Rich Egg Omelet
Rich Egg Omelet paired with Turkey Bacon

I called this omelet a rich egg omelet because it is. The rich creamy texture is no doubt attributed to the two tablespoons of butter in the eggs. Now, say what you want about butter, but this was good.

Akram's Ideas Rich Egg Omelet
The prefect Saturday Brunch

I paired the eggs with turkey bacon, and at my husband’s request monkey bread. Afterall this is brunch and what is brunch without something sweet?

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Akram's Ideas Rich Egg Omelet


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