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Fresh Peach Lemonade

Fresh Peach Lemonade

Another one of my #StopPinningStartDoing challenges this summer was this delightful recipe for Fresh Peach Lemonade.

The recipe originates from the blog Mom Endeavors, who suggest that this refreshing drink is ideal for a summer BBQ.

Concentrate Frozen Lemonade
Concentrate Frozen Lemonade

The hardest part about this recipe was finding frozen lemonade. I had to go to three different grocery stores before I found some in stock. I guess it must have been a BBQ type of weekend and everyone was in the mood for lemonade or something.

The recipe was pretty easy just whip up one can of concentrate lemonade with one can of water and three whole peaches, sliced and pureed.

The recipe calls for three whole peaches.

I’m not sure if it was the brand of lemonade or what but it was way too strong with only adding one can of water, so I went ahead and added two cans of water.

The peaches chopped and in the blender to be pureed.
The peaches chopped and in the blender to be pureed.

I made this recipe while visiting my mother-in-law, and because of an odd circumstance regarding her refrigerator; we couldn’t really chill the drinks. Thus, it was a bit thick and tart.

Fresh Peach Lemonade
Fresh Peach Lemonade

I think the drink would have been much better cold and served over ice, still it wasn’t too bad.

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