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Exercising Lies

As I gear up for another school year I start to think about changes I should make to my routine. One big thing I’ve been trying to add is daily exercise, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

One issue I have with exercise are the continuous lies about how it doesn’t take but 30 minutes out of your 24 hour day, but that simply isn’t true!

Lets do the math, say you want to work out at the gym, there is the drive there and back, which if close is say 15 minutes both ways. Well, that’s thirty minutes right there.

Next there is the changing into your gym clothes, then the shower and clean up after your so-called 30-minute workout. So, at this point you’re looking at about yet another 15- 30 minutes depending on how fast you change and clean up.

So in total we are looking at about 2-hours for a 30-minute workout, see the issue. Now, one may argue that you’d save time working at home, but then you have to account for the gathering of the exercise equipment and though there is no commute, you still have that changing and clean up time.

Even when exercise seems easy to set up, it takes time. For example, I use the Wii fit, but you have to turn on the Wii, load the disc, log-in choose your profile, wait for it to load. Sure it may take about 5-10 minutes, but that’s still time.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the value of exercise and how it’s good for you. I still hope to make it apart of my daily exercise, but what I have issues with are the articles that say it doesn’t take that much time, they are lying!

On the flip side Better Homes and Gardens recently had an article how daily activities can count as exercise, like gardening or doing the laundry. Here your really taking advantage of time by exercising and completing chores at the same time. Still this type of exercise doesn’t exactly tone the body.

My point is I need to exercise, but know it will take time out of my schedule, despite what we’re told. I’m curious though, what are some time-saving tips others may have about exercise.

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