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My Darling in a Dirndl Skirt

Darling in a Dirndl Skirt by Modcloth

For a long time now I’ve been ogling the cloths at Modcloth. If you’ve never heard of Modcloth they are an online clothing store that focus on vintage and retro style clothing, and was founded by Susan Gregg Koger and Eric KogerIn just a few years, to be one of  “America’s Fastest-Growing Retailer.”

The clothes on Modcloth are so beautiful and I’ve been just growing my “Love List” on their site. My husband this Christmas, asked if you like their clothes so much why haven’t you bought anything from them? 

My Modcloth Love List
My Modcloth Love List

That was a legitimate  question I guess, but I was worried about making a good choice and cost. Although the prices are reasonable, some of my favorite dresses seemed out of my shopping price range. 

Then a week before Christmas or, so, Modcloth was having this daily deal sale, where new items would be going on sale daily. My husband suggested that I buy some of the dresses I wanted, which were now on sale, for my Christmas present from him. He’s such a sweetie like that. 

I was supper excited and grabbed a few good deals. Then wouldn’t you know they had a 70% off sale just after Christmas as well. My husband smiled and said if it’s a good deal I should totally get what I want. Thus, I made a few more purchases after Christmas as well. 

My Darling in a Dirndl Skirt
My Darling in a Dirndl Skirt

With that said I’ve decided to review each of my Modcloth purchases I made over the holiday, as I wear them.  So today I’m reviewing my new “Darling in a Dirndl Skirt” I bought on Modcloth.

The term “Didnle” refers to a traditional dress worn in Germany, and is based on Alpine peasant dresses. The dress themselves usual have a circular cut and are gathered at the waist and falls bellow the knee. Think October feast and that should give you an idea of the style. However, I would argue that the “dirndle” skirt form Modcloth doesn’t really have a traditional dirndle look, but it does have a very 1940’s school girl look. Which is just one reason I fell in love with it. 

Dirndl Skirt
The quality and flare of the skirt is amazing

I’d been needing more winter skirts and this particular one came in a luxurious corduroy and had a stain underling. The fabric was so soft and had a high quality feel to it. 

It’s always hard for me to really determine colors, when online shopping. Digital photos can sometimes have discrepancies, so I knew the skirt would be somewhere between a red and brown color. The color itself I would say was a warm rust, which was so pretty. 

I love the inclusion of the pockets. Any skirt with pockets is always an added bonus. 

Dirndl Skirt Details
Dirndl Skirt Details

I don’t have a lot of brown tones in my wardrobe and this color not only was beautifully it matched one my favorite vintage hats almost perfectly.

The skirt has buttons down the front, which are very nice. My only issue is that the buttons themselves are a little thin, and seem like they might break easy.

Since the skirt has some elastic in the waist, technically you don’t really need to unbutton, more than the first two buttons or so to get into the skirt. 

Dirndl Skirt Straps
Dirndl Skirt Straps

This skirt also features detachable straps that make the skirt a little more versatile. For my first wearing I decided to wear the straps, with them criss crossed in the back. 

I wore the skirt all day going about antiquing. The weather was in the upper 40’s and windy, but I felt very warm in the skirt.

Posing in my Dirndl Skirt, with my vintage accessories
Here I am posing in my Dirndl Skirt, with my vintage accessories

I also got complemented for my vintage look in several of the shops I visited. People seemed to love how I matched up the skirt with my vintage hat and vintage purse.

Overall I can’t really say I have any complaints about this skirt. The only concern I have is that it is a “hand wash” item, but the quality of the skirt is so worth it. 

I really love this skirt
I really love this skirt

This skirt is originally priced at around $100, which for the quality I’d say is about right. However, I hate to by full price and I got it on sale for only $29.99.

Which If I’m not mistaken you can still score one of your own for this price, here.



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