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Birthday Outfit

For my birthday, two weeks ago, my Mom and sisters took me out shopping to buy me some birthday presents. Although I just enjoy spending time with them and wasn’t really in need of anything particular I did manage to find some nice pieces that were not only on sale but also had a vintage flare to them. 

My sister @FateBee took me to Macy’s to look for a present. At first I wasn’t sure what I wanted then I saw this lovely black cardigan on sale for $30. It’s more than I would have liked to pay, but she said she was willing to buy it for me as a present. Which was really nice of her. 

The cardigan has a nice thick quality, with pearl like buttons, long sleeves and an easy fit. I love wearing cardigans as they have an instant vintage look and the quality of this particular one is superb.

Here's a close up of the black cardigan my sister bought me.
Here’s a close up of the black cardigan my sister bought me.

After Macy’s we stopped by JcPenny’s where my mother wanted to get my gift there. I didn’t know what I wanted so I just started to browse. I shop Penny’s a lot, they seem to have a lot of clothes and accessories that have a vintage feel. It also just so happens that they were having a sale this a particular weekend. After looking around I came across a Liz Claiborne dress that was not only on sale but I also really like the style of the dress, so I decided to try it on.

After trying it on I knew that this would be my birthday dress. The quality of the dress was nice and sturdy and I just loved the shape it. The color was a magenta-purple with a black color band at the hem, though not exactly vintage colors, it was a prefect combination of modern vintage; I also knew this sleeveless dress would  look fabulous with my new cardigan.

Here's my Liz Claiborne dress paired with my new cardigan
Here’s my Liz Claiborne dress paired with my new cardigan

My Mom was sweet enough to purchase the dress for my birthday but she also wanted to treat me and get me the Lulu Guinness purse I’d been eying for sometime now. Lulu Guinness is an accessory designer that infuses vintage design with London modern inspiration. Her hand bags and accessories are exclusive to JcPenny’s and I just love their look. My favorite was tote style purse with the London pattern, I’ve liked so much that I even posted it to Instagram it and crushed on it over on my Tumblr site.

As much as I loved the purse I really didn’t want to spend $40 dollars on a purse, but since it was my birthday, my mom insisted she get it for me. She’s such a sweetie like that! 

My new birthday outfit and purse
My new birthday outfit and purse

While out and about shopping I also decided to treat myself to a few accessories that just so happen to be on the clearance rack at JcPenny’s. One item I got was a beautiful flower pin which had lovely purple hues that matched my new purple dress. 

Here's the flower pin I got paired with my new cardigan and dress
Here’s the flower pin I got paired with my new cardigan and dress

After a fun-filled birthday weekend I finally got to wear my new birthday outfit. I paired the dress with the black cardigan and added the flower pin. I also wore my clearance tights I bought at JcPenny’s, these particular tights had the vintage inspired black seam in the back, which was super cute. I also decided to wear my new Euro Soft shoes, which I got on clearance during a summer sale at JcPenny’s, and had a very vintage vibe. 

Of course I couldn’t wait to dawn my new purse. Although the whole outfit was brand new it had a very vintage look to it, so to add a bit more vintage feel I wore one of my vintage hats with it. 

My birthday outfit worn with seamed tights, new shoes, Lulu purse and vintage hat
My birthday outfit worn with seamed tights, new shoes, Lulu purse and vintage hat

All and all I really like my new birthday outfit. It wasn’t planned but all the pieces matched perfectly and I really liked the modern vintage appeal. It was really nice of my Mom and sister to get me these items and I really appreciate it. More than the presents I just had a good time going shopping with them.

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