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Vintage Updo with a DIY Sock Bun

I love vintage hair and makeup and try my best to create my own vintage inspired look on daily bases.

Though I must say I’m not an expert by any means when it comes to hair and makeup and usually doesn’t post on the topic. Hair and make is a topic that my sister’s blog Miss Sissy Bell usually writes about.  

Vintage Updos for Modern Girls

While hair and makeup are not something I excel out I do try to learn from others. This is why I joined the Vintage Updos for Modern Girls Facebook Group.

There are thousand of members who share their tips, tricks and even questions regarding vintage hairstyles.

Recently there was a discussion in the group about sock buns and how to make them and style them. This is one topic I had to chime in on.

Sock Bun

While I’m not an expert on hair, the sock bun style is one I wear frequently. Especially now that it’s summertime and I like to keep my long hair off my neck.

There was quite a lot of discussion in the group about sock buns and the best way to make them and set one’s hair. I was answering some questions about my own experience, when I thought, hey why not just make a video showing how I made and wear my sock bun.

Make Your Own

Making a DIY sock bun is pretty easy and requires an old sock, preferably one with a hole in it, that you’re not using anymore.

As I say in the video you’ll want to preferably choose a sock color close to your own hair color so that it doesn’t show.

Basically, you just cut off the end of the toe side of the sock, so you now have two open ends. Then roll the sock into a doughnut shape.

That’s it, it’s that easy. One thing to keep in mind is that eventually the elasticity in the sock goes out and it doesn’t seem to hold it’s shape as well. When that happens, throw it out and make a new one.

How-to video for creating your own DIY sock bun and style a classic vintage updo bun hair style.


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    • Thank you Miss Jessica,
      I seem to be wearing this style a lot to work lately. I’ve been trying to schedule my time so I spend a full day reading blogs and commenting more. Hopefully I can keep this schedule 😉

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