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Disney’s Villains by Elf

I’m not one for doing reviews on makeup, I usually leave that to @TheChicGirl, because that’s her thing. However, the other day when I was at Walgreens to pick up, yet, more meds to get over my horrible cough; I walked in and saw the Disney’s Villains by Elf, I knew I had to have one, and that I might just blog about it.

This adorable cosmetic set features the makeup of well-known Disney female villains, including: Cruella Deville (101 Dalmatians) , The Evil Queen (Snow White), Ursula (The Little Mermaid) and my all time favorite villain Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty).  Of course I choose to buy the Maleficent set. The collection is exclusively sold at Walgreens and at  $9.99 a set I might just go back and get the others as well.

I usually don’t go to a lot of trouble when I get made up in the morning, though my sister, @TheChicGirl, has got me hooked on Elf brand products. After all not only are they good quality cosmetics and tools they are very affordable. This set in particular was well put together and even included directions for achieving a villainess day or night look. 

Maleficent Disney's Villains by Elf set.
Maleficent Disney’s Villains by Elf set.

The colors were a little darker than I usually were, since I tend to go with either neutrals or pinks. Speaking of pinks I really like to go back and get the Ursula set because of the pretty pinks it has.  Anyways, this particular set I got came with of course the eyeshadow set, an eyeshadow brush, mascara, pencil and liquid eyeliner, eyelid primer and lip color. 

For my first attempt at using the set I went with the day look. I started by applying the eyelid primer, which I actually already use everyday, so it was nice to get one in this set. The eyelid primer is meant to be used as a base coat on your eyelid and help keep the color of your eye shadow vivid and last all day long. 

The colors starting from top left include: Flora, Fauna, Spell, Deep Sleep, Thorns and Raven Black
The colors starting from top left include: Flora, Fauna, Spell, Deep Sleep, Thorns and Raven Black

To achieve the day look I started by applying the light Flora color to the brow bone and inner corner of the eyelid. Then I applied an even layer of Fauna to the entire eyelid. The last color Spell (top row) was applied to the eyelid crease and 1/3 of the outer eyelid edge. 

After applying the color the instructions said to apply eyeliner. I choose to try the liquid eyeliner, which used a tiny brush. It was my first experience with this particular type of liquid eyeliner and though I heard it was hard to use, I actually managed to be quite steady when applying it. I also really liked the quality of the eyeliner too, not to runny not to thick, just right. Next I applied the mascara, which went on easy enough.

The last step was to apply the lip color. Though the color was nice, it seemed like more of a lip gloss type product, maybe because it was one of those liquid lip colors. Anyways the color seemed to fade after just  a little while so I decided to go ahead and apply one of my favorite lipsticks instead, Revlon’s Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet, which I think was just the right shade to go with the eye shadows. 

Here's how I looked after getting all made up. Sorry about the bad lighting in the photos.
Here’s how I looked after getting all made up. Sorry about the bad lighting in the photos.

Overall I really liked the set and all the pieces it came with. The price can’t be beat and I like the quality of Elf products. This is my first makeup review and I hope I did a good job, in the end I all I really want to say is, if you stop by Walgreens and happen to see the Disney’s Villains by Elf collection, you might consider giving it a try. 

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