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Little Layla's ABC Skirt

Little Layla and Her ABC Skirt

Wow, can you already believe it’s June? I got a week or so off at the end of the spring semester and now I’m back on campus to start summer classes.

So, what have I been up to during my brief time off? Well, I took a few days to travel to Oklahoma and spend time with Little Layla, my niece.

She recently had her 4-month old birthday and I had to get her something, because your only 4-month old once, right?

As I mentioned in my last post I decided I would take the #StopPinningStartDoing pledge and actually bring some of the Pinterst pins I’ve pinned to life. 

First up on my todo list was to make some fab apparel for Little Layla. 

If you recall for my sisters’s baby shower I made a pair of adorable pillows for Layla.

Simple ABC Pillows
Simple ABC Pillows

It just so happens that I had a bit of that ABC fabric left and thought wouldn’t it be cute if I made a fun summer dress for Layla.

I had pinned the Pretty Easy Sundress and thought this would be a prefect dress to put together. 

Unfortunately, after I got all psyched about it, I discovered I didn’t have enough fabric to make the dress.

I did have enough to make the skirt however, so I used the same instructions for the skirt part of the dress and then included an elastic waist band. 

Details of ABC Skirt
Details of ABC Skirt

I started with a rectangle of 18″ X 18″ of fabric sewed the sides together with a 2/1″ seam. Since I was making this for a baby, and because I like the way it looks, I decided to French seam the side seam.

After the side seam was sewn, I used a standard gather technique to gather the top of the skirt.  

I cut another 9″ X 3″ piece of fabric for the waist band and attached it with a 1/2″ seam as well. Before attaching the waist band I identified the center back of the inside and made a small button hole.

Since I was going to run elastic through the waist band, I thought I’d make it easily adjustable, but including a button whole to run the elastic through. This way if the elastic needs to be lengthened or shortened, one could simply grab the elastic through the button hole opening.

Just enough fabric for a hair bow
Just enough fabric for a hair bow

I finished out the skirt with top-stitching the waistband and using pink hem facing to hem the skirt bottom. 

I had just enough left over fabric that I made a matching hair bow for little Layla. 

The skirt is only a tad big, but I figured she’d grow into it. I just love how the skirt came out even if I didn’t have enough for a full dress. 

I tried to get a shot of little Layla on her 4-month birthday wearing the skirt, but she’d just woken from a nap and wasn’t so sure about the hair bow. Luckily my sister was able to get a great photo of later, and she looks like a doll!

Layla modeling her skirt
Layla modeling her skirt

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