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Start each work day inspired with these 5 motivational desktop wallpapers to download to your computer for free.

5 Motivational Desktop Wallpapers To Get You Inspired

If you are an avid Pinterest user you probably come across many inspiring quotes. These quotes are not only mentally motivating but usually graphically inspiring as well.

I often seen the same such quotes posted in the workspaces of many creatives. However, if you are like me, you might be limited on wall space, so hanging inspiring motivational quotes just isn’t practical.

Motivational Desktop Wallpapers

While wall space may not be available there is another wall like space that many of us often ignore. I’m speaking of course of our computer desktop.

Thus, I’ve decided to put together a monthly set of motivational desktop wallpapers, free for you to download and use.

All the artwork and photography in these motivational desktop wallpapers are 100% my design work. The quotes themselves either come from individuals whose words have inspired me, something that I’ve heard or something I’ve come up with myself.

1 – Your Future Self

Akram's Ideas Future Self
Future Self – Wallpaper


“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”  I couldn’t find the originator of the original quote but heard it in a Youtube video and thought that it was a great message.

2 – Be the Sunshine

Akram's Ideas Be the Sunshine
Be the Sunshine – Wallpaper

In a few of the social groups, I am a member of online, I was told by someone that I brought sunshine to the community. I didn’t even realize I was doing that.

Then I came across the quote “When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine”, I’m not sure who the original author is but I feel like this is kind of my own inner mantra.

3 – Be Awesome

Akram's Ideas Be Awesome
Be Awesome – Wallpaper

Take a look at the cars on your drive home today. Do you notice a trend? Mostly black and gray, all either SUV, sedan and pickups. While they might be different makes and models they kind of all look similar.

This conversation got me thinking, why don’t they make cars like they used to? Why are cars so Average? I mean come on,  “Why be average,  when you can be AWESOME!!”

4 – You Can Do hard Things

Akram's Ides Hard Things
Hard Things – Wallpaper

Sometimes amidst all the drudgery of the things we have to do, we can start to think to reach our dream or goals are just too hard. That kind of thinking can really get you down.

That why it’s important to remember that “You Can Do Hard Things!” Just a simple reminder to keep you moving towards your end goal.

5 – Why Worry

Akram's Ideas Why Worry
Why Worry – Wallpaper

2017 hasn’t exactly started out the way I had planned. There’s been a lot of ups and downs. While I could worry about it all (which I usually do) I came across a quote by Walt Disney, Why Worry, If you’ve done the very best you can worrying won’t make it better.” The quote is very true and something I need to often remind myself.

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I hope you like this set of motivational desktop wallpapers that I’ve put together for you. Remember to get the whole set all you need to do is fill out the form below and the set will be emailed to you.

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Start each work day inspired with these 5 motivational desktop wallpapers to download to your computer for free.


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