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10 Year Blogiversary and What’s Coming Next

Last month was Akram’s Ideas 10-year Blogiversary and I thought I’d share with you some highlights and previews of what I’ve got planned for this year.

10 Year Blogiversary

It’s hard to believe I started Akram’s Ideas ten years ago last month. What may be harder to believe is that Akram’s Ideas actually started out as a portfolio website to showcase my graphic design and web design work.

Akram's Ideas - Happy Blogiversary
Happy Blogiversary to Akram’s Ideas

After landing a job as a professor of graphics and web design, I wasn’t making a lot of my own designs anymore. So the site kind of sat vacant.

At one point I started posting tutorials and tips for my students. However once the institution I worked for all moved to an online LMS (Learning Management System) students could access all course articles and content in one place, it seemed silly to post back to my personal website.

Akram's Ideas 2010 layout
Akram’s Ideas site from 2010

Sharing My Hobbies

In 2012 I had just moved and started a new job at Pittsburg State University. I was would be teaching fewer classes than I had in the past and that meant I actually had a little free time in my life.

So, I started learning new skills like baking and sewing. I was in love with both and actually pretty good at them if I don’t say so myself.

Akram's Ideas: Birds Nest Cake
Here I am sculpting fondant birds for a cake

I ended up winning a few county fairs with my baking. As for my sewing, I discovered a whole community of vintage sewers, which I was like yes! I’ve always wanted to wear vintage, now I can sew my own vintage wardrobe.

Needless to say, I wanted to share my hobbies and to document as a reference to myself of how I did things. Thus, Akram’s Ideas became a place for me to “Bring Creative and Crazy Ideas to Life”.

Akram’s Ideas on Youtube

Last year I wanted to take the blog to the next level. So, I started my very own Youtube channel.

I’ve always been a fan of crafty how-to shows on PBS and decided to try to model Akram’s Ideas “show” after that. The plan was to share my makes, recipes, and how-tos.

Akram's Ideas 2016 Youtube Stats
So happy with my first year on Youtube

I finished last season with 34 episodes and nearly 250 subscribers. Wow! I know it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things but I wasn’t really expecting much.

What’s Coming Next?

Ten years is quite a long time to be around in the world of the interwebs. While Akram’s Ideas has evolved a lot I feel like I’m only now finding my focus and with, that I have a lot of things planned.

Site Redesign

If you are a regular reader you may have noticed my site redesign. It’s not a massive change from what it was, but I did clean things up a bit.

Akram's Ideas 2017 new Layout
Here’s a quick look at the new layout

I also spent January changing hosting and updating my database, which if any of you have done this before you know it can be a pain and very time-consuming.

Hopefully, you all like the new look of things, and I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Season 2 of Akram’s Ideas

I am well aware that Youtube isn’t like traditional TV  that airs shows in seasons. However, I have I decided to use the term season to separate out my videos and to offer a new opening theme with each season.

Season 2 of Akram’s Ideas debut this month and you can expect a new episode every week. Possibly 2 if I’m lucky, but one for sure. 

Monthly Email Newsletter

I have a lot more things in the mix including collaboration projects, public speaking sessions, webinars and even a training course.

These are all still in the starting phase but I wanted to keep you guys updated on what’s happening around here, especially if I go radio silence in the midst of all these big projects.  So, I’ve decided to offer a monthly email newsletter.

Akram's Ideas Email Sign Up
Sign up and get a monthly freebie

If you sign up for the monthly email newsletter you will receive heads up on what’s to come on Akram’s Ideas plus bonus content and freebies.

My first newsletter will go out on March 15. So don’t wait, signup today!

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Love to Hear From You

Akram’s Ideas has certainly come a long way and it couldn’t have done so without all of you guys.

I’d love to hear what you like best about Akram’s Ideas, what upcoming projects you are most excited about or any suggestions and ideas you have for Akram’s Ideas.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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