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My Exciting New Job And A Giveaway Announcement

The blog along with my Youtube channel has been looking a little sparse the last few weeks and there’s a perfectly good reason for that. I’ve been busy because I got a new job.

My Exciting New Job

I recently accepted the position of Instructor of Computer Simulation and Gaming at the University of Tulsa in their Computer Science department. 

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that teaching in higher education is nothing new to me nor is teaching computer simulation (or in simplified terms video game design). I’ve taught in the past at Oklahoma City Community College and Pittsburg State University doing everything from teaching video game design, computer animation, computer programing and even web design and development. 

A quick update on Akram's Ideas about my new job, the status of the blog and channel and announcement of my Instagram Giveaway enter before Aug 31, 2017.
A glimpse at my new office

Changes for Akram’s Ideas

While I love teaching and being in the classroom it does take a lot more time than your regular 9-5 job does. Plus, I’ve also been appointed co-chair of the Heartland Gaming Expo, and if any of you have had any event planning experience then you know that it’s a full year’s worth of work and starts all over again when the event is over. 

With that said I know that my free time will be greatly decreased, despite this though, I do have several Youtube videos I’ve pre-recorded and quite a few summer sewing projects I still need to blog about. 

So, my goal is to still publish at least one blog post and one video a week, maybe two if I can manage it (fingers crossed).

Subscriber Giveaway Announcement!!

While my schedule maybe a little up and down until I get into my new routine I wanted to take a moment to thank all my subscribers and new subscribers, especially those on Instagram and Youtube! 

Thank you
Big Thanks to all you guys

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve gotten over 600 subs on Instagram and recently broke 400 on Youtube. To celebrate this achievement and to give back to my followers I thought I’d put together a fun sewing prize pack away that I’ll be giving away to 4 lucky winners ( 2 on Instagram and 2 on Youtube).

To enter you’ll need to be a subscriber of my Youtube channel / Instagram account. Then share what would you make with one of the fabrics prizes (A,B,C or D), either in the Youtube comments or repost the image below on Instagram, be sure to include the hashtag #AkramsIdeasGiveaway and tag @akramsideas

To enter repost this image and share which fabric prize pack would you choose and what would you make? Be sure to include #AkramsIdeasGiveaway & tag @akramsideas

Contest open until August 31, 2017. Two winners for each network (four total) will be chosen by me on their creativity and the winners will be announced on Saturday, September 2, 2017, on Youtube and Instagram. 

I’m super excited and can’t wait to read all the creative and crazy ideas you guys come up with. 

A quick update on Akram's Ideas about my new job, the status of the blog and channel and announcement of my Instagram Giveaway enter before Aug 31, 2017.


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