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Today is my birthday! Each year my sisters tease me about getting older. I’m the oldest so I’m always going to be older than them. However, on my birthday I never really feel old. I don’t really feel any older than I did last year or the year before that, for that matter. Birthdays to me, don’t signify age but all the fun stuff you’ve gotten to do and will do. Oh, and lets not forget the excuse to have your cake and eat it too!

Not to long ago one of my favorite bloggres  @RetroChick_ukwrote an article about being to old for cute. In her article she contemplates if she is too old to wear some of her cute outfits, in her conclusion she decides that it’s not how old your are it’s who you are. If you’re a cute person, be cute and continue being cute no matter what age you are. I really liked that article and it’s message, because it’s my philosophy as well.

When I was younger I may have considered what other’s would have said if I took a cute apple-shaped lunch box to school, but now I have no problems taking it to work. Nor do I mind shopping down the toy isle buying a new Loopsy to go in my Lala Loopsy collections. I figure that if I like something then who cares what others think, “If it makes you happy” right? 

So, despite what my sisters say I like having my hair done up in curls with a big bow and wearing my vintage style dresses. Yes I even love my new Saddle shoes, which they all where like what are you wearing. Even though they joked about it and for a moment I felt a little weird, till I got complemented on the shoes a few moments later by a passer-by at the mall. My sisters can laugh all they want I like being me! 

I like all my silly obsessions, collections, and wacky personality. It’s like I tell my students if you don’t want someone to know something then don’t post it on the Internet. My personal thoughts on life are kind of the same, do what you can live others knowing about, and don’t feel bad for doing what makes you happy.

For me my life is pretty much an open book, I don’t really care if others know that I still buy toys, play video games, enjoy anime and sci-fi. I might be 32 this year, but I believe your only as old as you make yourself believe you are. When you start saying things, like I’m too old for that, then you making yourself old.

I’d like to challenge everyone out there  to do something you want to and haven’t because you thought you might be too old, I’m betting you might just feel a little younger after doing it. (of course have it be something practical).

All this might sound crazy, in fact my youngest sister @TheChicGirl, says I’m such

A Weirdo on a Whim

A normal person might be offended by that remark, but instead I embrace it and I’m not even afraid to wear the t-shirt she got me for my birthday either; because no matter how old I am, I’ll always be wacky weird me. 

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