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Akram's Ideas: Walking on Water Dress by Modcloth

Walking on Water Dress by Modcloth

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It is the day before Halloween and since I don’t have class tomorrow, I thought I’d dress up for my students today.

I didn’t want to fuss with a major costume, like my Witch of the Dead costume from last year. So , instead I looked for what I had in my closet.

I realized that I hadn’t yet worn my Walking on Water Dress from Modcloth. This minty green dress is light and flowing and maybe considered a bit over dressed to wear to class.

However when paired with my white fairy wings, it looked like the prefect fairy dress.

Walking on Water Fairy
Walking on Water Fairy

I love the minty green color and lightweight chiffon fabric. It was even big enough to wear my pink Va Va Voluminous Petticoat underneath.

Pink petticoat with mint green dress
Pink petticoat with mint green dress

My sister, @Fatebee, bought me a lovely mint green necklace for my birthday. Which, coincidentally matched a pair of earrings I already had and of course both matched the dress so well.

Mint green jewelry accessories
Mint green jewelry accessories

I love the dress so much I need to make more excuses to wear it, other than just Halloween.

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