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Akram's Ideas: Jumping June Bugs

Jumping June Bugs!

Akram Taghavi-Burris
Akram Taghavi-Burris

“Jumping June bugs!” How is it already June? I mean the year is like half over, what happened?

At the start of May I mentioned that life things were all crazy and things are still all out of whack.

Most of these uncertainties come from work, which last week we faced a possible furlough crisis. While the furloughs didn’t happen, I can definitely see other problems arise and a bad vibe that comes with them just around the horizon.

My head hurts thinking about the future and all the possibilities, good and bad. The anxiety is just killing me. Still I shouldn’t worry about that now. After all it’s summer and I should enjoy what time off I have.

Speaking of summer, thankfully the rainy weather seems to have passed for now. Luckily while it was wet in my parts we didn’t see any bad floods. This past weekend was actually really summer like with sunny skies and 80 degree weather. I do love the summer weather!

In other news, while I wasn’t in the mood to blog a lot last month, I did make time to sew. In fact I sewed a bunch of things that I will be sharing with you this month. Can’t wait for you see these fantastic projects.

So, with that said here’s to June and the other half of 2015, may it bring good fortune to all of us!

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