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Akram's Ideas: Jersey Dress - Simplicity 5556

Jersey Dress – Simplicity 5556

After making my first ever T-shirt I was eager to try my hand at making more knit sewing patterns.  

Simplicity 5556

As it turns out I recently got vintage Simplicity 5556 pattern, which just so happened to be both a knit and jiffy pattern.

Akram's Ideas: Simplicity 5556
Simplicity 5556 copyright 1973

The pattern featured a top-stitched dress or tunic with back zipper has low round neckline, short raglan sleeves and fabric tie belt. There was also an option for elastic waistline casing pants.

I decided to make the dress since I thought it would be fun to have a jersey dress.

Since the pattern is from 1973 so it also works as one of my #VintagePledge patterns for the year.

The Fabric

Akram's Ideas: Jersey Polyester
Not my fave print, but I like the colors

I did a once over in my fabric stash and I decided to use a polyester knit (I think) fabric that had a sort of pastel patchwork print on it. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite print, but it had a sort of spring time color to it.

Plus, if the dress didn’t work out, I wouldn’t be heartbroken that I used up all this fabric.


The pattern itself was almost my size. While it had the right bust size, it wasn’t going to fit in the waist.

Akram's Ideas: #VintagePledge Simplicity 5556 Jersey Dress
2016 #VintagePledge Simplicity 5556

Since this was a knit dress and I knew there would be some ease in the dress. So,  I just decided to add a quick ⅝ “ to all the seams. This was a quick approximation, but it seem to do the trick.

Akram's Ideas: Jersey Dress Simplicity 5556
The dress is super comfy

This dress also included raglan sleeves, which is the first time I’ve made a garment with raglan sleeves. As with the side seams I added ⅝” to the sleeves as well. This worked great, the sleeves fit nicely.

The dress could be a tad looser, but it’s pretty comfy to wear. I especially like the look of it with the matching fabric belt.

Akram's Ideas: Jersey fabric Belt
I think the tie belt came out nicely

When it came to making the belt, I didn’t have quite enough fabric as the pattern piece for the belt, but I just used all of the remaining fabric I had left. While it’s not as long as the pattern it works just fine.

Akram's Ideas: Jersey Dress Simplicity 5556
It was super windy when I took these photos

Following the pattern instructions I pinked all my seams and used my twin-needle for top-stitching around the collar, sleeves and bottom hem.


I love it! It’s super comfy and the print is growing on me. I like that it’s a casual dress for running errands or just hanging around the house.

Akram's Ideas: Jersey Dress Simplicity 5556
I’m happy with the end results

I wish there was more flare to the skirt and maybe that it had a more vintage style to it. Okay, I know the pattern is vintage by date, but I feel it could easily pass as a modern piece. Besides I’m used to making more 50’s and 40’s dresses.

Overall though I really like it and might just make it again, since it only took a day to make.

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A quick review of my second #VintagePledge 2016 make using vintage Simplicity 5556 pattern.

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  • What a cheerful, gorgeous dress. I love the gentle, feminine hues of this palette and the classic shape of the dress itself. Really, really wonderful work, sweet lady!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

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