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Learn more about The Refashioners challenge where participants are to refashion a garment. This year’s challenge is refashioning jeans.

Jeanius! 2016 Refashioners

My sisters might consider me a bit of a hoarder, but I’m not one for throwing out perfectly good things. While, the item in question may not be useful to me at the moment, that doesn’t mean I can’t use it for something completely else later on.


I love being able to refashion (upcycle) items that are otherwise useless to me into something completely different.  

Anything from old jars to old clothes, can be refashioned.

Akram's Ideas: Bottle Vases
I love how I refashioned these old bottles into vases

Refashioning is a great way to extend your wardrobe past the lifespan of our clothes. Maybe that skirt isn’t in style any more but what would it look like as a top? You favorite t-shirt is just too small, maybe you could turn it into a purse? That old dress with the hole, could be transformed into a lovely romper for the kiddo.

As you can see the possibilities are simply endless when it comes to refashioning.

The Refashioners 2016 Challenge

2016 marks the 4th year of Refashioners challenge hosted by Portia Lawrie of Makery.uk. Each year’s challenges encourages participants to refashion a selected garment, this year being an old pair of jeans.

Akram's Ideas: Another Jean Purse
Not too long ago I refashioned a pair of jeans into a purse

While anyone can join this challenge Makery.uk will be featuring a slew of bloggers and thier makes thoughout August and September.

Join the Fun , Win Prizes

Helping the environment, being creative and sewing are just a few reasons I’ve decided to participate in this challenge.

I’m not sure what I plan to make as of yet. Though I have made several purses out of old jeans, I think I want to do something different. Maybe turn some jeans into skirt or something, not sure just yet.

If you are still on the fence about joining this challenge, Portia , has also announced that there will be a super cool prize package for some luck participants. So what are you waiting for check out Makery.uk and stat refashioning.

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Learn more about The Refashioners challenge where participants are to refashion a garment. This year’s challenge is refashioning jeans.


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  • Miss Jessica, I agree denim is comfort clothes. I’m excited about this project, mainly because I haven’t really sewed with denim to make anything other than a purse, so we shall see how my project turns out.

  • I’m taking part too! Although, right after I decided to take part in the challenge, my next month got really busy and now I don’t know where I will find the time 🙁 Good luck on the challenge- can’t wait to see what you come up with!
    The Artyologist

    • That’s cool Nicole. I hope you have success with this project, love to see what you make. Looks like my schedule has also gotten a bit busy so I’m not sure if I’ll complete. Here’s hoping to both of us 😉

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