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Akram's Ideas: Go Blog Social - Featured Blogger

Go Blog Social – Featured Blogger

That’s right, I am this weeks featured blogger on Go Blog Social’s site. Can you believe it? Me of all people a featured blogger, woo-hoo!

If you’ve read my blog before you may have heard about Go Blog Social in the past. Basically it started out in 2013 as a mid-west blogging conference brought about by co-founders Kathryn Mansur and Sarah Ruhlman, both of whom are blog experts and together felt there was a need for  a conference aimed at all bloggers and social media lovers that encompasses the content, social aspects and other valuable information. 


Go Blog Social Event Team
Go Blog Social Event Team

Since then the event holders have gone on to incorporate annual conference, periodical meet-ups, twitter chats and workshops.  If you’ve never been to one of the Go Blog Social events, and are within driving distance of Kansas City, then I would totally recommend attending.

The amount of useful information you receive at these events is tremendous. Not to mention the networking with other bloggers is fantastic. I’ve met so many wonderful bloggers, from all areas of topics. 

Recently, Go Blog Social has put together a weekly featured blogger post on their blog. The bloggers are all individuals who has attended one of their events. 

Akram's Ideas: Go Blog Social - Featured Blogger
Akram’s Ideas: Go Blog Social – Featured Blogger

When I was contacted about being a featured bloggers, I was like ABSOLUTELY ! 

I had a blog a long time (since 2007) and while it was well coded (after all I am a web designer) it wasn’t well known or marketed. I can’t say enough about the skills I learned at Go Blog Social that has really helped me refine my marketing strategies and really focus on what my blog is all about. 

I hope I’ve convinced you about the value of Go Blog Social. Their next event is a one-day Workshop in February, you can get your tickets here.

I already have my tickets, plus ones to the official conference in April. Hope to see you there! 

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