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Black Friday Shopping From Home

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It’s Black Friday today and many people are out rushing about the crowds to get the best deals for the holidays. I on the other hand am setting relaxed at home enjoying after-Thanksgiving doughnuts and doing my shopping online.

Why do I choose to do my shopping online? Well, for one, I particularly hate crowds and the rush to get that sale item which the store usually has a limited quantity of anyways. What are the chances I’d be one of the lucky few to score that item? Plus I have no desire to camp out or wait in a line outside the door in the cold.

Akram's Ideas: Black Friday Crowds
Akram’s Ideas: Black Friday Crowds

In the digital age I’m really surprised that there are as many people hitting the store on Black Friday at all. While it’s true that some deals are in stores only, a lot of the same deals can be purchased online in the comfort of your own home. Which personally I feel makes the shopping experience even better, since you don’t have to deal with other shoppers rushing to get that same one item.

A lot of stores even offered early Black Friday deals online. Modcloth sale started last Friday and Kohl’s online Black Friday deals started Monday. Two of my favorite stores and I was able to get a few gifts with ease.

Depending on what you’re buying online sales could be more practical. For example my hubby is a big PC gamer and I was able to get his Christmas presents entirely online, new hard drive from New Egg and even some games on Steam.

Craftsy.com is also having a great $19.99 sale on all their classes that I couldn’t help but to take advantage of and buy myself some classes for Christmas.

Then there’s always Cyber Monday, which I figure I do my Amazon.com shopping then, for the best rates, at the very least on shipping.

While some people like my sister, @FateBee, like the trill and adventure of conquering the crowds and scoring that must have sale item, I truly prefer the luxury of shopping online.


Akram's Ideas Online Shopping
Akram’s Ideas Online Shopping

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