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Akram's Ideas: Fleece Fashion Contest

Fleece Fashion Contest

I love fleece, it’s so warm and cozy. As you might have read, I actually just completed a beautiful pink coat for my little niece, Layla, last month using two different kinds of fleece.

Layla's Pink Fleece Coat
Layla’s Pink Fleece Coat

This was my first project with fleece and not only did I find working with fleece so easy, I loved the way the coat came out.

It wasn’t long after posting about this coat that I was contacted by Your Fleece a fabulous online fleece retailer based in Los Angeles, CA. They were getting ready to host their Fleece Fashion Contest and wanted to know if I’d be interested in entering.

Your Fleece Fashion Contest
Your Fleece Fashion Contest

To enter the contest all I had to do was propose a project I would make out of fleece. If my proposal was accepted Your Fleece would send me my choice and amount of fleece to complete the project. Once the project was completed I would send them the final product and they would choose a winner.

I thought really long and hard about what my proposed fleece project would be. I loved my niece’s coat so much I thought I’d like to try to make a coat of my own.

However it couldn’t be just any coat, I wanted something different. After thinking a long while and scanning Pinterest, I thought wouldn’t it be great to have a classic 1950’s style swing coat.

Many swing coats were made out of fleece so it would be the prefect project for this contest. The only question was what style swing coat would I make. To help me in my decision-making I created an inspiration board for my project.

Swing Coat Inspiration
Swing Coat Inspiration

After digging through my vintage stash of patterns I discovered that have Simplicity 4191 pattern from the 1950’s. This pattern is exactly what I was looking for. I decided that I would make a coat similar to version 2, the shorter coat.

I decided on Simplicity 4191 version 2
I decided on Simplicity 4191 version 2

Your Fleece has a wide range of fleece in many patterns and at really reasonable prices. It was hard to decide which fleece I’d make my coat out of, but ultimately I chose a classic red fleece.

I figured that a solid color coat would be most versatile in my wardrobe and I wouldn’t have to worry about pattern matching this way.

I was nervous about sending my proposal, not sure what they would think of a vintage pattern for the contest. As it turns out I my proposal was accepted and my red fleece sent to me.

The red fleece is lovely despite tis awful picture
The red fleece is lovely despite tis awful picture

The fleece fromYour Fleece, is amazing and such good quality. (Unfortunately it did not photograph well. ) I can’t wait to get started on this project!

According to the contest rules, the winner of the contest will get a fleece bundle named after them and be given 3 free bundles to give away to their readers. That’s right readers, if I’m so lucky to win this contest, I would be able to share the wins with 3 lucky readers of my own.

Regardless if I win or not I’m really excited about participating in this contest. I love the vintage style of the coat I choose for this project and I needed an incentive to get myself to make one.

So, with that said, I will keep you up-to-date on this project. Here goes, wish me luck!

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Akram's Ideas: Fleece Fashion Contest

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