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Akram's Ideas : Fleece Fashion and Extended Giveaway!

Fleece Fashion and Extended Giveaway!

If you haven’t heard I’m giving away 5 yards of red fleece to 3 lucky winners, courtesy of Your Fleece.

That’s right 5 yards of red fleece for your next sewing adventure. The only questions is what to make with it!

Fleece a brief history

Fleece fabric as we know it is a relatively new fabric. It was in 1979 when the Nobel prize in chemistry was awarded to a company Malden Mills, for their new invention “Polar fleece”.

Named after the woolen coat of a sheep, fleece fabric is a synthetic fiber meant to imitate the best quality wool. Unlike wool, fleece is not itchy and is both lightweight and very soft.

Fleece is very popular in sport clothing, such as hoodies and jackets. Fleece can also be found in the home from blankets to the infamous snuggly.

While fleece is considered a casual fabric, that doesn’t mean you can’t use fleece to make a real fashion statement.

Fleece Fashion

Since fleece was originally made to imitate wool, it’s is a great alternative to the heavy itchy wool in any project.

Coats and Capes

My swing coat that recently won the Your Fleece fashion contest is just one example of using fleece in fashion. The coat is lighter making it more versatile and of course softer against the skin.

My swing coat is so cozy
My swing coat is so cozy

A hooded cape would also be a great piece to make out of the soft warm fleece fabric.

Fleece is often used in outer-wear because it does a good job at keeping one warm. Like wool, even when it gets wet, fleece, can still retain heat. However, if it does get wet it takes a like time to dry, and being synthetic material it could melt from high heat.

Circle Skirts

Circle skirts are a 1950’s icon and were often made of wool and even quilted to keep young girls warm. Using fleece would be a great alternative.

Poodle skirts in particular are often made using fleece. Even some modern high fashion skirts are made with fleece, such as the Wanderer Below Knee Fleece Skirt shown below.

Wanderer Below Knee Fleece Skirt


If you can make a skirt out of fleece why not a full dress?

This lovely fleece dress from ModCloth is a great example of fleece being used in a very fashionable way.

Modcloth Fleece Cumpleanos Dress

Sadly this dress is not available anymore, but it would make a great project to sew with fleece, if you’re so inclined. I suggest using Simplicity 1419.


If you’re still not sure about using fleece as the main fabric of your sewing project, it also makes a great lining.

One great example is this super cozy house coat that Frances of Polka Polish. She paired a fabulous satin print with a warm plum fleece fabric.

Cozy house coat by Frances of Polka Polish
Cozy house coat by Frances of Polka Polish

Sewing with Fleece

Another great thing about fleece is that it is so easy to sew with and best of all it doesn’t fray.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when sewing with fleece.

Try to avoid bulkiness with your seams and be sure to keep your machine clean. Fleece fabric tends to leave fiber particles behind in the machine and even on your scissors. A good dusting after working with fleece should be all you need though.

For more tips on sewing with fleece check out this article from Craftsy.


Alright now that you have a bunch of ideas for sewing with fleece, and let’s not forget my own swing coat sew along that I will be hosting this fall (more to come soon), it’s time to score some fleece of your own!

Here’s your chance to win  5 yards of red fleece to 3 lucky winners, courtesy of Your Fleece.

All you have to do is enter below, it’s that easy. Don’t forget to share the details with all your sewing friends as there will be 3 lucky winners.

Contest is open to all US residents and ends at 11:59 pm on Saturday June 27th. Winners will be announced on July 1st and contacted by email. See here for Terms and Conditions.

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