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At the end of last month I made mention that I would be participating in the “Sew for Victory” sew along. I have my pattern and my fabric picked out, but other than that I haven’t really gotten started. 

I know, times running out, April is almost over, but I am still hoping to knock out a lot of the project this weekend. 

While I haven’t had a chance to work on my actual sewing project, doesn’t mean that I haven’t been getting ideas and inspiration for the project. 

To join in on the sew along all you have to do is join the Sew For Victory Flickr Group; and as part of the group there is a discussion about sharing inspiration for 1940’s fashion.

Sew for Victory Flickr Group
Sew for Victory Flickr Group

Most people in have included links to a Pinterst board they have created for 1940’s fashion inspiration. 

I have been using Pinterest for quite a while and have even created what I call my “Vintage Fashion” board, which is where I pined all sorts of fun vintage inspiring fashion.


However, I enjoy several decades of vintage fashion, so when looking for inspiration for my 1940’s Sew for Victory project, I felt like I had to sort through so many pins.

I realized that it might have been a better idea to sort out my pin boards by decade, like many of the others in Sew for Victory participants had. 

With that said I got to work and started organizing my Pinterest, creating new boards and moving pins around. 

I haven’t moved all the pins from my original Vintage Fashion board, but I have made progress with these new board.

1920’s Fashion Board 


1930’s Fashion Board


1940’s Fashion Board


1950’s Fashion Board


1960’s Fashion Board 


Like I said I’m still organizing these boards so except to more on each. I’m hoping this will make it easier for me to get some quick inspiration, when I want to work on a project from a certain decade.

I hope these board can be of use to you, and feel free to follow all my boards on Pinterest.

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