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Bluff Dweller's Cavern

Exploring Bluff Dwellers Cavern

Over 12,000 years old and formed by limestone the Bluff Dweller’s Cavern, nestled in Noel, Missouri is really a sight to behold.

Originally the Paleo-Indians , also know as the Bluff Dwellers, we’re know to have lived within the caverns, hence the cavern name.

Bluff Dweller's Cavern
Bluff Dweller’s Cavern

To get to the caverns you have to walk up a flight of rugged stone steps. Which the sign assures you is the hardest part of the visit to this amazing cavern.

Once you arrive to the top beside to take moment to turn around and take in the stunning view out below towards the parking lot and beyond.

Bluff Dweller's Cavern Stairs and View
Bluff Dweller’s Cavern Stairs and View

The cavern it self was discovered in 1925 by Aurthur Browing, who at the time owned the property. While at the time of discovery there was only a head sized opening, soon the site was excavated and opened to the public in 1927.

Bluff Dweller's Cavern Discovered 1925
Bluff Dweller’s Cavern Discovered 1925

Upon reaching the top you are greater by the information boot where you can buy tickets to tour this wondrous cavern. At $12 for adults and $6 for children it’s a great family outing.

However, the caves are rather dark and at one point in the tour they turn off all lights to demonstrate just how dark the cavern is. Keeping this in mind I wouldn’t suggests this for anyone afraid of the dark.

Bluff Dweller's Cavern Entrance
Bluff Dweller’s Cavern Entrance

Once on the tour there are amazing rock formations all around, it’s really a sight to see.


It is important to note that while pictures are allowed you are not to touch any of the cavern walls. Oils from the human skin can actually cause damage to these thousand of year old rocks.

Bluff Dweller's Cavern Please Hands Offs
Bluff Dweller’s Cavern Please Hands Offs


The cavern is known for being the home of several species of salamanders. While you can’t be guaranteed you’ll spot one during your tour, everyone does get a glimpse of the infamous cave duck!

Bluff Dweller's Cavern Duck
Bluff Dweller’s Cavern Duck

After the tour you can make your way to the Bowing Museum and gift shop. There are lots of neat gems, rocks, fossils and photos of the Browing family. In fact the property is still owned by the Browing family.

Bluff Dweller's Cavern Museum
Bluff Dweller’s Cavern Museum

The caverns were truly a sight worth seeing. I enjoyed them so much I want to do more pseudo spelunking. If you’re in the Ozarks area around Noel, Missouri I definitely recommend checking out Bluff Dwellers Caverns.


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