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DIY Phone Wallet

Sharing a quick Behind The Scene episode of Akram’s Ideas, where I share with you my thought process for creating a quick DIY phone wallet.

Phone Wallet

At work, I have to carry my University ID on me at all times, as it is also a key to access any buildings on campus. I have a simple lanyard that I wear which I also clipped on my traditional keys used to get into my personal office. 

While this lanyard works, I found that when I go to the gym, I also need someplace to store my phone and sunglasses. Since I already have to carry my ID lanyard, I thought what if I could combine the two into some sort of phone wallet. 

Thus, I took it upon myself to quickly whip up this little project. It is by no means a tutorial, but just a look at my thought process. 

Akram's Ideas: DIY Phone Wallet

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