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Clothes Pin Bag

My mother called me a few days ago wanting me to sew something she could hang on the clothes line to store her clothes pins. I decided to look on Pinterest to get some ideas. After getting some inspiration, I had the cutest idea to sew a little clothes line and some dresses made of scrap fabric on the bag.

I started but cutting approximately a 12 inch by a 24 inch piece of a bluish/denim like fabric. I over-casted the raw edges using a zigzag stitch.

12" by 24" piece of fabric
12″ by 12″ piece of fabric

Then I folded over the top an bottom of the square, to create a 1/2 hem, with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Hem for  opening, being pinned
Hem for opening, being pinned

Next I folded over the fabric tops and bottom to determine where I wanted the, to align. This way I could mark where the clothes line appliqué would set. I unfolded the fabric and took some twine, and loosely pined it in a sort of swag, as the line. I then sewed the right over the twine to hold it in place.

Twine sewed in place
Twine sewed in place

I dug through my box of scrap fabric, to find some that would look cute as little dresses. Using a fabric marker I free-handed a dress on to the fabric. To ensure the dress was symmetrical I folded he sketch dress at the center then cut it out. I was quite happy with how they came out.

Cut out dresses
Cut out dresses

I originally wanted to use these really small clothes pins, I got at Walmart n the office supply section, to attach the dresses to the line. Sadly the pins were too big in scale, so I just pinned the dresses down a sewed them down using an inch wide zigzag with about an inch stitch length.

After getting the dresses sewed on I folded the bag to make sure everything still lined up. I decided that the bag would hang using a hanger, but it’s size was too small for a regular hanger. It just so happens though that I had one of those odd shaped hangers that bra’s are sold on, laying around. This hanger isn’t good for anything else (that I know of) and it was just the right size. So I marked where the opening would need to be. I went to the sewing machine and made a button hole for the opening.

The last thing to do was to fold the bag, this time with the right sides touching. I pinned all the way around and sewed the bag together with a 1/2 inch seem allowance. Then I clipped the corners to get a nice sharp square corner when I turned it back right side out. 

Though I didn’t use the small clothes pins I bought on the dresses I couldn’t resist placing two at the bag opening, just for fun. They are just too cute not to use.

Small clothes pins on the opening
Small clothes pins on the opening

I really like how super easy this was to make. And to think I did it all without a pattern.

Clothes Pin Bag
Clothes Pin Bag


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