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Since we are celebrating National Sewing month or #Sewtemeber2018 as I’m calling it, I thought I’d share my top 3 sewing books for beginners. This collection of books are ones that I find I return to time to time, to reference particular skills. So, whether you are a beginner or long-time sewer I hope you’ll find these books a good resource. 

3. How to Start Sewing

The first book on my list is “How to Start Sewing”  by Assembil Books . I first heard about this book from the Fold Line and instantly knew that I needed it in my sewing library.

This book is written like a textbook but not those boring and hard to read textbooks. Instead, it provides you with lots of explanation and even exercises at the end of each chapter. Speaking of chapters this book is quite comprehensive with over 40 chapters.

2. The Colette Sewing Handbook

One of the first books I bought when I started sewing was the Colette Sewing Handbook by Sarai Mitnick, the founder of Colette Patterns. The reason this book appealed to me was that it included full colored photographs of all the techniques and steps, which for a beginner is really helpful. 

I also liked that for the price of a book it included five patterns. With that said I’ve never actually made any of these patterns. While the book provides great tips and techniques for beginners I wouldn’t say that the patterns are all beginner friendly. 

1. Love at First Stitch

If you’re a regular on the blog you may already have guessed what would be my top book and that is of course Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes the founder of one of my favorite indie pattern brands Tilly and the Buttons

Like the Colette book, Tilly’s book offers full colored step-by-step techniques and instructions. The reason this book is number one is because the seven sewing projects that are included in the book are all beginner friendly. Tilly really does a great job at building your skills with each project and even has you make some simple pattern yourself. 

Besides the great instructions and seven beginner projects, the projects themselves all have the signature TIlly style of a modern retro 60’s inspired look, which I just love. 

Bonus Pick

I couldn’t help but add one more book in this list and that is for sewers who want to get started sewing with jersey/knit fabrics. 

While there are several sewing with knit books on the market at the moment the one that really stands out to me is Tilly Walnes second book Stretch.

This book like Tilly’s first book offers seven patterns each building on your skills as you progress through the book. The instructions are well detailed and Tilly provides you with steps on how to use both a regular sewing machine or a serger for making these projects. 

Your Recommendations

I hope that you find this list of sewing book recommendations helpful. I’ve been sewing for over six years now and I still find that I’m learning things all the time. With that said I’d love to hear your recommendations on good sewing books. Please leave your favorite beginner sewing books in the comments below. 

In celebration of National Sewing Month or #Sewtember I'm sharing my top 3 beginner sewing books that are a great resource in anyone's sewing library.

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