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On the Sewing Table – Autumn 2017 Sewing Plans

Ah the crispness in the air, the cool breeze, the falling of the leaves, yes autumn is finally upon us.

As many of you know autumn is my favorite time of year, though looking at my wardrobe it seems I tend to sew with way more spring colors than autumn colors. This season though I plan to fix that. 

Autumn Sewing Plans

Usually, I start my plans with a list of patterns I want to make, this time around, however, I started by taking a look at my fabric stash. I went through it and pulled out a ton of fabric that I thought would be a perfect fit for autumn. 

Autumn 2017 Sewing plans
I’ve got lots of plans this autumn

As you might have guessed I went with a lot of greens, browns, tans and some oranges. Once I had the fabric It was time to decide what I would be making with each one.

A Collection of Gathered Skirts

In my stash, I found lovely novelty print cotton. Thes whimsical prints include a colorful array of birdhouses, adorable pumpkins on a black backdrop and Christopher Columbus fabric with ships flags and 1492 written on it. With such bold prints, I figured these would be perfect for a collection of gathered skirts.  

Gathered Skirt
I’ve already got one gathered skirt made

My plan is to keep it simple using an elastic waistband while still adding pockets. Because what good is a skirt without pockets? 

A Set of Tops

Since I’m making a bunch of skirts I’ll need some tops to go with them. As it turns out I have a lot of fabric that would make lovely tops. 

I know for sure that I really would like to make a Gable Top from the woodland rose looking fabric. 

Woodland Rose Fabric
This would make a great Gable top

As for the Italian garden fabric (as I’m calling it) I really want to make another one of the blouses from Octavia Patterns. I was a pattern tester for this pattern, and it should be out soon. I can’t say much more about it other than I love it and need more in my wardrobe. 

Italian Garden Fabric

I also really find the need to make some silk camis and have a few pieces of satiny-silk like fabric in my stash. I really like the Sew Over It Silk Cami pattern, but since I don’t own it yet, I think I might try hacking this vintage 1970’s dress pattern into a cami.   

McCalls 5854
I think I can hack this into a silk cami

As for the rest of the fabrics, I’m just not sure what to make, still thinking about it. 

 Vintage Simplicity 5610

In my vintage pattern haul video a while ago I asked you guys what pattern I should make next. I got a lot of good suggestions and while I eventually plan to make all of them I decided to go with Vintage Simplicity 5610. This is a late 60’s early 70’s pattern for a button-down top and a-line skirt. The recommendation I got was to make the skirt and perhaps in a wool fabric. 

Simplicity 5610
Hoping to make this pattern from my vintage haul

I have some wool in my stash but I’ll have to check if it will be enough, though I really like the idea of that. Plus since this pattern has a top I might be able to use it for some of these fabrics I pulled out to use. 

Finishing Vogue 1083

Vogue 1083 is a swing coat pattern that I cut out and started back in 2015. However, it got tossed aside and packed during the move.

A look at what's "On the Sewing Table" my autumn 2017 sewing plans, that includes a vintage swing coat and a sci-fi Blade Runner Halloween costume.
Finally going to finish this coat

Now, 2 years later, my goal is to finish this project. I don’t think it will be particularly difficult I just need to set some time aside to work on it and get it done. 

70’s Skirt – Simplicity 8019

Near the end of summer, I whipped up two Simplicity 8019 skirts and loved them so much I plan to make more. In fact, I even plan to make a little tutorial about some fun hacks I made to the pattern. 

Simiplicity 8019
I plan to make two , maybe more, of this great skirt pattern

This skirt is the perfect pattern for any season, it’s just a matter of your fabric choices. That’s why I plan to make one out of a lovely tan corduroy. I have and another in an olive green linen type fabric. 

CocoWawa Crafts Chesnut Sweater

I love Anna from CocoWawa Crafts her patterns, like her, are fun and unique. So, when she debuted the new Chesnut sweater with a lovely ribbon detail I couldn’t resist getting it. 

CocoWawa Crafts - Chesnut Sweater
Love the ribbon detail on this sweater

I am really excited about this one and as it so happens Anna will be hosting a sew along for the sweater on her site later this month. I hope to follow along, once I find the perfect fabric. 

McCalll 6795 

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I just love dressing up. So, this year I’ve decided to go as Rachel Terell from the original Blade Runner movie. If you’ve never seen the film it’s got a very 1940’s feel to the wardrobe styling. In fact, Rachel’s icon suit is basically a 40’s style suit with a unique color blocking print. 

Blade Runner
Hoping to make Rache’s icon suite from Blade Runner

I couldn’t find a pattern that really matched the neckline and puff sleeves of the suite, but decided to work with McCalls 6795. This (out of print) blouse pattern had similar lines to Rachel’s suit jacket. I think it will be a close match and then I’ll pair it with a pencil skirt. The only thing I need to get this cosplay project complete is finding the right fabric. 

In the Folds Slouchy Cardigan

I’m joining the Cozy Cardi challenge and plan to make my self a cozy cardigan. I usually keep a cardigan in my office for those cold winter days, but my 10-year-old store bought one is starting to show it’s age and I really need something else.  

In the Folds - Slouchy Cardigan
Making the slouchy cardigan for the cozy cardi challenge

I’ve decided to try my hand at the In the Folds Slouchy Cardigan, a free pdf pattern from their site. This oversized cardigan I think is just what I’m looking for, I just hope I’ll have time to squeeze it into my many planed makes for the season.  

What’s on your Table 

Okay so I’ve got a lot on my table, and some projects I’ve already got cut out and some just need to be finished up, which is what I plan to do right after this post. 

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you’ve got planned for your autumn makes, or if you have any suggestions for the fabric I showed off in the video. 

A look at what's "On the Sewing Table" my autumn 2017 sewing plans, that includes a vintage swing coat and a sci-fi Blade Runner Halloween costume.

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