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Sew ‘N’ Tell My Autumn 2017 makes

Can you believe that it’s already December? With winter and holidays now upon us, I thought I’d take a moment to share my sewing ‘n’ tell of my autumn makes.

Autumn Sew ‘N’ Tell

As usual, my autumn plans didn’t go as planned. Early in October, I had a work conference to attend so that put a wrinkle on my sewing time. 

Then of course, work, in general, takes up a lot of free time especially now that I’m advising our student organization and they meet in the evenings. 

Despite having very little time to sew I’ve managed to get quite a bit done, and am pretty happy with the results. 

The Pomegranate Top 

One of the first patterns I whipped up this season was the Pomoergrant top by Octiva Patterns.

Pattern review for the newly released delightful Pomegranate Top from Octivia Patterns.
The Pomegranate is a flowy bias cut blouse.

I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for this pattern near the end of summer. 

This pattern is so easy a lovely that I ended up making 3 more at the start of the autumn season. 

Autumnal Gable Top

The next top I knew for sure I wanted to make was yet another Gable top, from Jennifer Lauren Handmade.

I made my first Gable top near the end of summer last year and quickly followed up with a second one in a lovely autumn print. 

Review of another Gable top from Jennifer Lauren Handmade, this time in an autumnal floral print.
This top has been my autumn go to top

Since then I’ve been yearning to make another and I finally got around to it. 

I’m not sure but this one may be my favorite one of yet, I just love the autumn floral print. 


Vintage Jumper Dress

Simplicity 5890, a vintage pattern for a jumper dress and blouse was not something I was really expecting to make, but I ended up just going for it one weekend. 

The pattern came from my most recent vintage pattern haul and as it turned out I had the loveliest turquoise blue fabric that matched the cover illustration.

As with many vintage patterns, I did have to do some resizing to get the dress to fit.

Review of my latest Vintage Pledge make Simplicity 5890 a jumper dress.
This color is amazing

After making it, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the overall dress and fit, so I didn’t bother to make the blouse. 

Since then though I’ve found that the dress isn’t too bad and should probably get around to making the blouse. 

A Set of Gathered Skirts 

In my plans video, I mentioned wanting to make a series of gathered skirts using some novelty prints I had in my stash. 

I’m really happy with how these turned out. I ended up making 3 total have worn them all season. 

Review of three novelty gathered skirts made with an elastic waist and side seam pockets and another Butterick 3286 top.
These skirts are super fun and easy to make

I was even able to actually make a full two-piece dress out of the Columbus fabric. After making the skirt I had just enough fabric left over to use as the front piece of Butterick 3286. I then used some scrap fabric with the same color tones as the back piece. 

Cozy Cardi Challenge

In October I participated the Cozy Cardi challenge by making In the Folds slouchy cardigan.

Review of my Cozy Cardi Challenge make, the In the Folds Slouch Cardigan a quick and easy pattern that also free.
The Slouchy Cardigan is both cozy and easy

I planned this project pretty early on but ended up getting sick and didn’t finish until the day of the deadline. 

Despite waiting until the last minute ( I seem to do that a lot), I really love how this cardigan came out. 

Chestnut Sweater

 Speaking of cozy makes the minute the Chestnut sweater from Coco Wawa Crafts I knew I had to make one. 

I ended up making two, the first was a wearable toile made of lovely purple and pink sweatshirt fabric.

Pattern review of my latest holiday top, the Chestnut sweater from Coco Wawa Crafts.
The Chestnut sweater is all about the bow

Then I made my final version from a lovely champagne colored polyester with pearl dots. 

I love this top so much I plan to make more, plus I just got the mini version so I can make one for my niece as well. 

Simplicity 8019 

Button down skirts seem to be all the trend right now and I fell in love with Simplicity’s 8019 reproduction of a 1970’s button-down skirt. 

Quick review of the hacks I made to Simplicity 8019 a 1970's reproduction buttondown skirt.
This skirt has a great classic look

While the 70’s aren’t usually a year I gravitate towards, this skirt is differently a timeless classic. 

In the end, I made 7 versions of this skirt as I used this pattern for the One Week One Pattern (#OWOP17) Challenge. 

A Classic Circle Skirt

The very last item I sewed up this autumn was Simplicity 8446 a 1950’s reproduction of a circle skirt. 

I had quite a bit of fabric left over from my champagne and pearl Chestnut Sweater and thought wouldn’t a matching skirt look lovely? 

Review of Simplicity 8446 circle skirt pattern and my adjustments for making it with an elasticated waist.
This outfit is perfect for the holidays

This skirt, when paired with the Chestnut Sweater, takes it from a casual top to a classic and stylish holiday outfit. Which of course I wore to Thanksgiving. 

The Round-Up

There were a few items on my plans list that I never did quite get around to, however, I’m really happy with what I’ve made. 

This season has been all about daily wear items and I can say I really succeed at that. 

Everything I made between September and November has been worn to death. 

I just reach for my Simplicity 8019 skirts daily and they are great to pair with the Pomegranate top or any one of the Gable tops in my closet. 

I love the Chestnut sweater and immediately turn to it when I’m looking for something cozy to wear. 

Then, of course, the slouchy cardi I toss on nearly every day when the temperatures in my office drop near late afternoon. 

All in all, it’s been a very productive season and I can’t wait to get started with my winter sewing plans. 

I’d love to hear in the comments below what you’ve made this autumn season. 

Round-up of my latest 2017 autumn sewing makes in a quick Sew 'N' Tell video.

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