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Addy Winner!

Ever since I was younger I always dreamed of being a writer, director, producer, working on animations. Well recently my childhood dream came true.

Last fall I thought a class on “Web and Motion Graphics” where students were to create an animated short. I wrote the script and was in charge of direction. The students were divided in groups of two, each group having a set number of scenes to animate, following a traditional animation workflow. For more on the animation, check out this post “Cosmic Calamities”

The students were phenomenal! The animation came out so well, that I submitted the work to the ADDY competition.

Low and behold the animation won second place. A few of the students, as well as myself attended the reception to receive the award.

This is truly a monumental day for me, because not only did I achieve something I’ve always wanted, but revived regional recognition for it as well. Not to mention I got to work on this project with some very talented students, way to.


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