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1942 Skirt {Vintage McCalls 4717}

I’m finally getting around to posting about my 1942 skirt, I’d made from a woolen plaid fabric and a vintage 1942 McCalls pattern.

I had come across this fabric some time ago at an antique store. When I decided to sew some winter skirts, I knew that this woolen fabric would keep me warm and I just so happen to have enough for a skirt.

This was my first time using a woolen fabric and only my second attempt sewing with plaids.

What I’ve read about sewing with wool is that it’s a pretty sturdy material. It doesn’t fray, pin marks and even seam rips are nearly invisible. Lastly the fabric holds it’s shape very well and has a lovely draping quality.

I love the green and gray tones of the fabric and I had a fairly easy time lining up all plaid checks.

Here I’m posing in my 1942 skirt. Love the green colors.

This particular skirt has a very high waist which is not something I’m completely used to but it still worked out well.

My only complaint about the skirt is that being woolen it’s a little on the itchy side.

Here you can see how the checks matched up on the front seam.
Here you can see how the checks matched up on the front seam.

Still it’s a rather warm skirt for winter and I like it’s length and flair.

It even turns out I had a green sweater that matched the skirt green almost perfectly.

Here’s me being goofy in my plaid skirt.

All in all I’m happy with how the skirt turned out and it’s a perfect addition to my winter wardrobe. 

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