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Akram's Ideas : 15th Annual Tulsa Hangar Dance

15th Annual Tulsa Hangar Dance

Earlier this month was the 15th annual Hangar Dance, held yearly at Tulsa Tech RiverSide campus. This yearly event is sponsored by Commemorative Air Forces, Spirit of Tulsa Squadron. The squadron is dedicated to preserving the memory of WWII through restoration and flight of the warbirds that helped us win World War II.

Akram's Ideas - WWII Warbird
One of many WWII Warbird that the group restores

About the event

The event itself is a fundraiser to help support the restoration efforts of the group. The dance is done up in 1940’s with a live swing band, dancing and food. Plus all attendees are encouraged to dress in authentic 40’s style clothes.

Akram's Ideas : Commemorative Air Forces Volunteers
A few of the Commemorative Air Forces Volunteers in period costume

When I found out about the event I was really excited. Finally a place I could wear my vintage style and be complete blended in with others. Plus I would get to see many others dressed in 40’s style clothes as well.

At the event

I was so excited about the event I even wore my newly made Simplicity 1777, 1940’s dress. I’ll be posting more on the dress later.

Akram's Ideas: Commemorative Air Forces Spirit of Tulsa Squadron
A photo of some of the Spirit of Tulsa Squadron members

As for the format of the event, the whole thing was broken up into three segments, the history booth, newsreel room and dance.


As you can guess the newsreel room was just as you’d expect. It was a theater style room where they had old news reels playing.

Akram's Ideas: WWII Solider's Uniforms
On display were sample WWII uniforms

History Booths

There was lots of wartime memorabilia such as magazine, photos and uniforms of former soldiers.

Akram's Ideas: WWII soldiers trunk
An example of a WWII soldiers trunk

There were lots of model airplanes of the actual war birds. I just love models and airplanes are especially cool.

Akram's Ideas: Model WWII Warbirds
Models of various WWII warbirds

There was even a vintage radio booth that had a variety of radios on display.

Akram's Ideas: Vintage Radios
So many cool vintage radios

I loved the art deco style of the 1920’s radio, which as the historian said still works and has never had any work on it. It even still had it’s original cloth cord.

Akram's Ideas: 1920's vintage readio
This 1920’s radio was my favorite

The Hangar Dance

The hangar dance as you might expect had a live swing band and dancing. While I was tempted to join in the dancing, my hubby reminded me of our past dancing attempts. Let’s just say we didn’t dance.

Akram's Ideas: Hangar Dance - swing dancing
Hangar Dance attendees swing dancing

The hangar dance took place in the large hangar on the Tulsa Tech campus, which they had also placed several of the war birds on display.

Akram's Ideas: Swing Band
Tulsa’s The Sounds of Music band performed swing music

I got to take my photo with several of the planes. As you may have guessed I took the opportunity to take as many photos as possible of me with the planes.

Akram's Ideas: Akram Taghavi-Burris and WWII Warbird
Here I am with one of the Warbirds

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed the hangar dance thoroughly.I loved the fun atmosphere and seeing others all dressed up in vintage 1940’s style fashion. I even got my hubby to dress up and pose for a photo. 

Akram's Ideas: Akram Taghavi-Burris and Chris Burris
Rare photo of me and my hubby in 1940’s style attire

I think it may have been slightly more fun, if we actually danced, though. I did find out that if we had arrived earlier there was a short dance lesson prior to the start of the dance. Something we might consider attending next year if we plan to go again.

Akram's Ideas: Akram Taghavi-Burris and WWII Warbird
Another shot of me posing with a WWII warbird

Whether we go again or not, if you enjoy 1940’s style and vintage airplanes then I would definitely suggest at least attending the event once. The cost is $35 a ticket and remember the funds all go towards restoration of these classic airplanes for future generations to enjoy. That, I think,  is a cause that worth helping out.

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Akram's Ideas : 15th Annual Tulsa Hangar Dance

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