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The Sewing Faves Tag

Recently Claire of Penguin and Pear shared her answers to the sewing favorites tag which was started by Myra Loraine. After watching both I thought it be fun to join in and share my response to the questions.

Sharing my Favorites

Basically, the tag is made up of eleven questions that ask your favorites regarding sewing. So, without further ado, here are my answers.

Favorite Fabric Print

After thinking about this question, I realized that while I have a lot of floral prints in my stash, it is not specifically the print that draws me to a fabric. Instead, it’s the colors in the print. I’m drawn to bright fun colors and the colors are what I usually seek out and not a specific pattern.

I'm taking part in the Sewing Likes Tag, where I share answers regarding my sewing favorites.
This sea turtle print has the perfect colors

Favorite Fabric to Sew With

If it’s just up to woven and jersey and I would have to say woven as it is a bit quicker to sew with. However, I’ve been working with more jersey this season and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Still, for a quick make, I’d prefer woven.

Favorite Sewing Book

This was an easy question, hands down,  Love at First Stitch by Tilly & the Buttons. Starting with chapter one you end up making something which really encourages you to continue in the book and work through each project, slowly building your sewing skills.

I'm taking part in the Sewing Likes Tag, where I share answers regarding my sewing favorites.
Love at First Stitch is still my fave book

Favorite Thing to do while Sewing

While I do love watching other sewing vlogs they can sometimes distract me from sewing because I want to look at all the pretty makes. So, more often than not, I love listening to old time radio shows.

One of my favorites is Phillip Marrow the Singing Detective. What’s nice is that there are several Youtube channels that have these old radios shows. There are often the original broadcasts so they original commercials are also included and sometimes just as entertaining as the show.

Favorite Garment to Sew

A big frilly dress. They are fun to wear and easy to sew. Give be a simple bodice and a gathered skirt anytime. Granted they are not always the most practical of garments to wear but I love them.

One Orla dress in my wardrobe wasn't enough so I whipped up another one this time in a vintage floral fabric.
This floral Orla dress is a great example of what I like to sew

Favorite way to Purchase Fabric

Secondhand! I buy all my fabric from antique and thrift stores. I can usually a huge bargain and it’s fun coming across some rare finds.

Favorite Fabrics, Print or Solids

Taking a look at my sewing room you’d know I’m all about the prints. Though I really do need to add more solids to my wardrobe. 

Favorite thing to do with Scraps

Right now my favorite thing to do with scraps is to make gift card envelopes. I made a during the holidays and now I’m hooked. These decorative envelopes make a great handmade gift when you in addition to a simple gift card. Plus not only are they quick to make I had a lot of fun adding snaps to these. 

Now that the holidays are over, and I’ve given out all the gifts I made, I thought I'd share with you all my holiday makes.
These scrap gift card envelopes are super easy to whip up

Favorite amount of Fabric to Buy

While I by all my fabric second hand I still always strive to buy at least 2 yards. I’ve gotten pretty good at guestimating the amount of fabric, since many times they do not have the yardage on the fabric when purchasing secondhand. I’ve sometimes gotten really great deals, from 3 yards up to 15 yards. 

What Are Your Faves? 

So there you have my sewing favorites. I’d love to know in the comments below what some of your sewing faves are? 

I'm taking part in the Sewing Likes Tag, where I share answers regarding my sewing favorites.

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