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Akram's Ideas: Signature Poses

Signature Poses

Recently I read an article by Gemma of Retro Chick, which was more or less a reflection on her poses for her many outfit posts.

I started thinking about the way I pose. This year for my #365outfits challenge I’ve been taking an outfit post pretty much everyday. Like Gemma, I come to find that I to have some signature pose.

The Skirt Pose

I often use, especially for showing off the full pattern of the skirt.

Akram's Ideas : The Skirt Poses
Akram’s Ideas : The Skirt Poses

The Hand Over Arm Pose

This is another frequent pose of mine; I often don’t know where to put my hands so this I guess is one of my solutions.

Akram's Ideas : Hand Over Arm Pose
Akram’s Ideas : Hand Over Arm Pose

Hands on Hips

This by far, I would have to say is my most signature pose. In fact I recently discovered that I do this just when standing around at work as well.

Akram's Ideas : Hand on Hips Pose
Akram’s Ideas : Hand on Hips Pose

A lot of people have said that standing with your hands on your hips makes you look defensive and not one open to conversation. I’m not sure how much of that is true but it sure does seem I use this pose a lot.

The Open Smile

Lastly I came to notice my open smile in many of my photos. It’s not so much as a pose as it is a facial expression. I think I kind of look a bit happier and child like with my mouth open, and while fun it’s probably not very lady like. Despite not being lady like, I tend to strike this pose often.

Akram's Ideas: Open Smile
Akram’s Ideas: Open Smile


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