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Pumpkin Cookies – Christmas Cookies #5

The days just seem to be flying by, it is now only five days to and my challenge of baking 12 cookies for the 12 days of Christmas is looking like I’ll only get half way there. 

Never the less I moved onward. Today, on the 7th day of Christmas I am baking pumpkin cookies. After my first attempt was a bust, I decide to use a different recipe.

As you may have read in an early post my first attempt at Pumpkin Cookies was on day three. I started by following the Melt-in-Your-Mouth Pumpkin Cookies, by Better Home and Gardens magazine. I followed the recipe but alas, ultimate FAIL!

I gave up on the pumpkin cookies and thought I’d come back to them later, well later is now. 

While surfing online I came across 2 ingredient cookie recipes online. Many people had been posting about how you can make cookies using a cake mix and filling, say apple sauce for example. That’s it just mix and then make cookies. I even found one that used, you guessed it, a can of pumpkin.

Just two ingredients a cake mix and a can or jar of pumpkin
Just two ingredients a cake mix and a can or jar of pumpkin

I was all out of regular pumpkin but my hubby suggested that I use one of our jars of William-Sonoma  Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter.  He even suggested that they would probably taste much like the Pumpkin Dessert Bars he’s so fond of.

Then it dawned on me, that those pumpkin desert bars are basically a cake mix topped with the Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter, anyways.

Pumpkin Cookies
Pumpkin cookies made with Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter
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  1. 1 box cake mix ( I used a sugar free cake mix)
  2. 1 jar (13 oz. ) Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix cake mix and Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter in mixer.
  3. Make 1/2 tablespoon balls from dough and place on cookie sheet.
  4. Bake for 10-12 minutes then cool.
  1. Online many suggest making this type of cookie with a spice cake mix. If you can't find a spice cake mix you can also add 1 tablespoon pumpkin spice to the cake mix.
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Cake mix and pumpkin butter
Cake mix and pumpkin butter

I decided that since the recipes were close I’d basically just mix a box of Pillsbury Sugar Free Cake mix and mixing it only with a 13 oz jar of Muirhead Pecan Pumpkin Butter I whipped up the cookie batter.

1/2 tablespoon cookie balls on baking sheet
1/2 tablespoon cookie balls on baking sheet

The batter was a little sticky so I put flour on my hands to keep the dough from sticking when I rolled them into 1/2 tablespoon balls. 

The cookies baked for about 10 minutes and they came out tasty very much like the Pumpkin Dessert bars, only less gooey. 

All in all I must say I really liked these super easy cookies and they tasted amazing! 

The pumpkin cookies were a success
The pumpkin cookies were a success

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