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Oklahoma Electronic Game Expo 2008

oege2008.gif The Oklahoma Electronic Game Expo 2008 was put on this past weekend by the Computer Arts and Technology Society at the Oklahoma City Community College.

It was rather a small affair but it is only our first year so next year we hope to have an even bigger event. We were mentioned on the 6pm news, so that was a big deal.

If you’re unfamiliar with this event let me give you the details…

The Oklahoma Electronic Game Expo 2008 (OEGE) was put on by the Computer Arts & Technology Society of OCCC.
The Computer Art’s & Technology Society is a student organization geared towards raising money to promote a broader deeper understanding of digital arts (art created with aid of the computers) and better application techniques of Computer Design.

Our 2008 Expo marked the first gaming destination in Oklahoma- where gamers and industry insiders can come together to celebrate video-games. Attendees come to OEGE to experience the newest games, encounter game industry legends, compete in tournaments, buy games, and meet with friends.

Admission to this event is free, however there will be a fee for entering in our Game Tournament.

Aside from the fun stuff that was be at the expo, there was also be a booth set up for our department, where students could receive information about all the Compute Aided Technology degree programs that the Oklahoma City Community College has to offer.

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