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Me at the KC Auto show

KC Auto Show

The Saturday before last, I volunteered to spend a few hours recruiting at Pittsburg State University’s booth at the Kansas City Auto show.

I know what your thinking, odd place for college recruiting, but the Automotive department got invited to attend and since they had a booth it was encouraged that other departments participate as well. So, I was there representing the Graphics and Imaging Department, and while not at the booth, I got to explore the car show.

Me checking out the new Mini.
Me checking out the new Mini.

I forgot to take any pictures at me at the booth, however, my hubby was sure to get lots of pictures of the new Corvette, here’s one with me in it. 

Me in the new Corvette

If you don’t know already I a big car buff, mainly because of my husband. He is a total car nut, and from him I’ve learned to love cars.

Interestingly enough this car show was not only debuting new cars, but there wear several classic cars on display, including my dream car an Austin Healey Bug-Eyed Sprite.

Me with my dream car, an Austin Healey Bug-Eyed Sprite
Me with my dream car, an Austin Healey Bug-Eyed Sprite

There were lots of fun vehicles at the event. I got to sit in a Porsche 911, such a beautiful car. 

Me in the driver seat of a 911.
Me in the driver seat of a 911.

My husband liked the Jaguar convertible, but I thought it was just okay.

Me in the new Jag
Me in the new Jag

I did however loved the retro inspired interior of the Volkswagen Beetle.

Love the retro interior dash
Love the retro interior dash


We did both agree thought, that the Prius hatchback, had the most comfortable seats, plus it was extremely similar to my own Scion XA, which sadly they don’t make anymore.

I could go on about the event, but I thought instead the pictures could tell a better story. Enjoy!

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